7 Ideas for Starting a Small Business

So you are fed up with the 9 to 5 and want to start your own business but just haven't had that brainwave yet and can't come up with an idea of ​​just what to do; you just know that you want to be your own boss! Hopefully these7 small business start up ideas will help.

  1. Frozen Yogurt – The US market alone is now worth around £ 4.9 billion.
  2. Independent coffee shops – This market is forecast to grow by 25% by 2014.
  3. Dance and fitness – This proved a highly successful combination in 2011 which looks set to continue.
  4. Social gaming – With billions of hours being spent on social gaming on Facebook alone, and the number of Facebook users projected to increase to over a billion by the middle of this year, this is market looks set to grow significantly.
  5. Mobile apps – 183 billion apps are expected to have been downloaded by 2015 according to a global market intelligence firm.
  6. Smartphone repairs – Due to the rise in demand for smart phones, this seems like a great opportunity.
  7. Cycling – With the rising cost of petrol, more people are resorting to cycling and this will lead to lots of opportunities for small businesses in the area of ​​repair and maintenance, for example, as well as sales.

And if you have a hobby or really enjoy craftwork and are good at it, why not turn it into a business? It's an interesting fact that despite the downturn in the economy, the hobby and craft industry is one area which has been experiencing a boom.

The above are only the tip of the iceberg but if you genuinely believe that you have it in you to start and run your own business then the idea really has to come from you; you have to be passionate about it; it has to inspire and motivate you and be something that you will enjoy working long hours at; something that you can develop your own clear brand for and know that you can talk about with ease; and of course, it has to be something that you can visualize being a success. The next step is to carry out thorough market research because while you are obviously passionate about your idea, it will only be a success if it is something that other people want to buy. And then, with a bit of hard work, success will follow.

"Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision."
– Peter F. Drucker

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