7 Secrets of a Modern Kitchen

7 Secrets of a Modern Kitchen7 Secrets of a Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchens are all about efficiency and functionality. They are focused on the proper use of open space. They are characterized by clean and simple lines, minimalist designs, and neutral colors. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, here are some things that you can incorporate to make it look more modern:

Quartz Island and Countertop
While granite is still a popular choice for countertop and island materials, more and more people are also considering quartz for countertop. Not only is quartz a strong material, it is also scratch resistant and doesnt burn or chip. Whats more, when combined with resin and colorfast pigments, crushed quartz can create beautiful patterns.

Shaker Cabinets
Shaker cabinets perfectly fit the aesthetic of modern kitchens. Characterized by utilitarian designs and flat paneled doors with rail frames, they have a classic and simple look that adds a contemporary vibe to the room. When painted in white or gray, they go well with granite or quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances.

Undermount Sink
The clean and sleek look of undermount sinks goes well with the design of a modern kitchen. This type of sink is typically mounted underneath the counter. It doesnt have a lip or top, so the edge of the counter drops off directly into the sink basin. Best of all, it is also easy to clean because it doesnt have grooves where food can accumulate.

Hardwood Floors
Hardwood is a top choice for kitchen floors because of its timeless beauty. Not only does it add warmth and natural beauty to the room, it is can also last for years, and stand up to stains and spills. Whats more, you can easily update the look of hardwood floors by staining, refinishing, and painting it.

White Backsplash
Backsplashes are a must for any modern kitchens. Aside from protecting your walls from spills and splatters, they can also be the focal point of the room. White is a great color for backsplashes because it goes with anything. You can even play with it by using different materials, like glass, marble, and porcelain.

Glass Sheet Backsplash
If you want something different from tile backsplash, you should consider installing glass sheet backsplash instead. The sheets of polished glass mount on the kitchen walls are low maintenance and inexpensive. They can be used to protect your wallpapers, or painted to fit the style and theme of your kitchen.

Gray Appliances
The easiest way to make your kitchen more modern is by updating the tools and equipments. For a contemporary vibe, get gray appliances. Gray is a sleek and sophisticated color. When paired with wooden cabinets and hot colors, like yellow and red, it can look pleasantly cool in sunny climates.

A lot of people consider the kitchen as the most important part of the house. Not only is this the place where food is made, it is also where families come together to eat, talk and make great memories. If youre thinking about remodeling your kitchen to make it more modern, keep in mind its main purpose so that the whole family can enjoy it.