7 Ways to Grow Your Business Using Free Conference Calling Or Teleseminar Services

The ways to grow your business are literally unlimited. However, they generally fall into less than 4 categories of activity. To grow your business, you can generate more prospects, improve your conversion percentage of prospects to clients, increase the average revenue per transaction, or increase client value through a longer purchasing lifetime.

Each of these general ways of creating value can be implemented using a robust tele-seminar strategy. In the following sections, I'm going to share with you some simple business growth strategies from free conference calling services and tele-seminars.

1. Membership Products

Every business that develops a way to engineer recurring profits rather than episodic, transactional profits becomes more stable and more profitable. Monthly, quarterly, or annual membership programs are a great way to incorporate recurring profits into your business design.

You can turn your free conference calling line into a powerful engine for profits by targeting a particular set of highly dynamic customer problems for continuous treatment, sharing access with member.

2. Information Publishing Profit Center

Similar to the "member-only" model above, you can turn your free conference calls into an information publishing profit center by recording your calls (also part of these free services) and packaging them as physical products (Audio CDs and Multi-CD packages ).

3. Virtual Work Teams and Collaboration

The power of virtual collaboration and virtual work teams in today's business environment cannot be overstated. Whether you create your business design to include outsource workers and virtual assistants, or whether you want to partner with other organizations, free conference calling services help every small (and very small) business to be more partner-able.

4. Turn-key Lead Nurturing Systems

Free conference calling services with recording and syndication capability allow creative entrepreneurs to incorporate "quick and dirty" lead nurturing systems to help convert more leads into sales and compress the sales conversion cycle when you deal with your most highly valued prospects.

This is easily implemented by linking an email capture marketing system or offline direct marketing campaign with your archive of recorded (or live) audios in systematic sequence.

5. Content marketing and Syndication Online

Online content marketing is one of the most under-recognized and under-utilized strategies among small business of all kinds. Everyone from manufacturers to local service professionals and retail firms stand to gain tremendously from strategic content marketing online.

Free conference calling services like FreeConferenceCallingOnline.com provide ways to syndicate your content through podcast directories and RSS feed capabilities.

6. Direct mail & Email marketing List Bait

By targeting specific problems of specific market segments for your audio content, you can create tremendously valuable "bait" audios to help you invite the right people into your email marketing lists. You can also get those audios transcribed into "Special Reports" that you can use for list bait in direct mail and direct marketing campaigns.

This is a convenient strategy for generating more leads and conversions through direct marketing campaigns.

7. Service Professional Value-Add

Any professional service firm from lawyer, accountant and marketing consultants to graphic designers can use free conference calling services to add cyber-coaching or consulting add-ons to their business. I have coached even marriage counselors into expanding their marketplace with virtual counseling using these tools.

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