Business Answering Service for Sole Proprietors

Sole proprietors of businesses that work out of their homes probably do not employ receptionists so they will need a business answering service to handle incoming business phone calls. If any business cannot handle its incoming calls, it will cause a loss of commerce to the business.

Communications are a vital portion of all businesses and it is vital that customers speak to real people when they call businesses. Most customers, clients, or associates feel irritated when an answering machine picks up when they call to speak to someone at a business. When customers or clients feel irritated with businesses, it does not bode well for such businesses.

Irritated customers equal loss of revenue for any business. However, even if the answering machine does not irritate the customers, it is unlikely that they will place an order over the phone with a machine. Any of these scenarios will cause a loss of profit to a business that does not have a business answering service with live operators to answer their calls.

Live operators can take messages, take orders, and give customers, clients, and business associates information about the availability of the party to whom they are trying to reach. Live operators make callers feel secure that their party will get the message that they leave.

For a step above a normal answering service, businesses that need an appearance of professionalism that having receptionists affords should contact online. This virtual receptionist service greets callers professionally, transfers callsers to the appropriate party, and can even schedule appointments for their clients. This virtual receptionist can also act as a virtual secretary and a virtual office to businesses when they are in need of such services.

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