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Before you can become a successful Entrepreneur, you need a good business idea. A good business idea is a very subjective thing, as different people with different personalities can make different ideas work. In general when you are first brainstorming ideas, no business idea is a bad thing. Your goal is to eliminate business ideas by running each idea you come up with through a feasibility self-assessment analysis and eliminating the ones that are not that good ideas for your particular situation. When you have done that, you should be left with a core list of good ideas that you can sit down and think about. Ultimately, business ideas can be divided into categories of goods-based and service-based, with those categories being further sub-divided into online and offline endeavors.

Goods-Based, Online

When you consider goods-based services that are predominantly online services, a number of websites come to mind. For example, any website on ClickBank, Commission Junction or any other affiliate hub would be websites that are online and goods-based, because they all happen to sell a product of some kind. The advantage of this website is that you can create the product yourself (ie the e-book website) and therefore save a lot of money in start-up costs. The disadvantage is that promoting it can be somewhat difficult, especially if you want to do it for free.

Service-Based, Online

There are many services that you can provide online. These include offering online writing services to people that need web content, creating websites for people that don't know how to do it themselves and administering websites for people that are looking for that kind of help. You can create an online business around some sort of online service and then branch out and start looking for clients. This is a lot harder to do from an effort point of view, but the big advantage is that it costs you practically nothing.

Goods-Based, Offline

Goods-based companies offline are about as easy to recognize as they are in their online form. Any shop that you visit when you need to purchase something is an offline shop that is based around the sale of goods. The supermarket, the department store and the convenience store are all examples of an offline business that is primarily based around goods.

Service-Based, Offline

Contractors, for the most part, can be considered service-based. These are people that will paint your house, clean your floors and renovate the areas of your house whenever you need it. These are editors that will work on your manuscript and they are also personal trainers that will ensure that you get the workout you need. These are all examples of services that can be done offline.


One of the best things about starting a business in the modern world is that you can combine these things in order to create larger business ideas. For example, you can do online writing and you can also edit manuscripts offline. This would allow you to work at building up a writing business from two sides and that ultimately would be very good for you in the long run. But remember in order to run a truly successful business it first pays to have a solid business plan [] to fall back on.

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