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She Locked Herself out of the Car

When my mom locked herself out of her car, I knew that she would insist on staying with it until we could gain entry. It was not in the best area of town, so I could understand her hesitancy in leaving her car. However, I believe that a car can be replaced or repaired, whereas she cannot if something were to happen to her. Because of this, my husband and I went to sit with her while we waited for the locksmith to come and help. We had looked up 24hr locksmith Brisbane on our computer because we had no idea who to call for this kind of help since it was so late at night.

I was not sure we were even going to find anyone who could help us, but I was wrong.

It’s My Job As a Mother to Watch out for My Daughter

I told my my child two years ago that I would not allow her to hang out for hours on end on social media. However, the Internet has won because social media is everything to kids today. I use a Snapchat Hack that I downloaded to my daughter’s personal cell phone so that I can monitor her and make sure that my little girl has fun while also staying safe when she’s on that really popular app. I do still monitor how long she stays on, and I give her limits because there’s no reason for her to stay on for hours just because her friends do it.

Back when I was her age, talking to my friends on the phone was a big deal because the Internet wasn’t a thing yet.