Conscious Customer Service Increases Your Business Agility and Profits

Conscious Customer Service Sells, period!

In the current turbulent and uncertain business environment we face, a major part of your business agility and future success rests upon the quality of service you offer. If you understand the Laws of Attraction then you also understand that you ultimately get what you pay for. In short, the higher quality service you offer, the more likely you will attract more of the kind of customers you desire.

If you are part of a service/customer care department or call-center and are looking to:

  • Increase your sales without increasing your marketing and sales costs
  • Save precious time, resources and money on each customer call or visit
  • Solve customer complaints, at their source, in a way the customer accepts while improving your products and business practices
  • Master transforming plain customers into loyal ones who advocate you and your business to others

Then fully understanding and harnessing the power, efficiency and humanity of effective customer service is essential.

Service, the art of seeing, hearing and understanding

Did you know that the number one reason convicts give for choosing a life of crime is that they did not feel seen, heard or understood as children? If parents are that sloppy and or unconscious in the treatment of their beloved offspring can you just imagine how many of us are perceived as blind, deaf and uncaring by our customers? Perception is the Key as you may THINK you were providing good service only to find out from your boss or via a viral Tweet or Facebook post that the opposite was true. To use an uncomfortable metaphor, “Your light may have been on, but was anybody really home“?

Service versus Performance

When all your senses and facilities are fully focused upon the person you wish to serve, then you are consciously serving them. Yet when you are distracted by that little voice in your head telling you what you “should” say, find yourself thinking about what the service manual demands on page 32, or just thinking about lunch, then you are performing for yourself. What if your customer can sense that?

Can’t you?

Acknowledging this brutal truth is the first step towards pure, attractive and profitable service. How to get there requires special tools, a strong will and lots of practice. Then, the more you choose to master this path of service, the better at it you will become. Continue your journey and observe how many more customers will be attracted to do business with you and your organization. Below are just a few tips to get you started on your own path.

Tips for attractive and profitable service and increased business agility:

  • Be curious and ask lots of questions

    Service people are only human and when we are doubted or attacked we usually become defensive. Yet will starting a debate with a dissatisfied customer accomplish anything more than further pissing them off? Instead, let them ventilate. Listen closely, drill down with more questions and, before you even attempt to solve the problem, make sure they feel seen, heard and understood.

  • Distinguish what is being said from what you are hearing

    There are always two sides to every conversation. Remember, “If you are a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail“. If you go into a call or meeting on the defensive, you will be listening for anything other than ways to be attacked? If instead, you go in curiously, with an intention to listen, serve and solve, watch your chances for success and renewed customer loyalty drastically increase.

  • Become more conscious of your own and other’s body language

    Learn to tune in to all the information you and your listeners are broadcasting, consciously or not. Then use this valuable information to create more confidence, trust and stronger relationships. As a Bonus, watch as you will also become increasingly aware of those trying to use their body and its language to deceive or manipulate. Then, learn to marvel at the ultimate suicidal futility of trying to do so.

  • Uncover “What’s missing” by both asking for and sensing it

    Just solving the problem is a good start, yet with just a few thought-provoking questions, you invite your customer to dig deeper and uncover the source of their problem. If you want to build customer loyalty with every call or meeting you have consciously and continuously develop each relationship. There is no better way to do this than by asking some insightful, and reflective questions, then listen with all your senses to the complete answer.

By practicing and developing each of these seemingly simple suggestions you will not only improve your level of service, it will attract more business. If you are looking to turn your service department from a cost center into an agile profit center, then these steps are essential to integrate into your organization. Of course, there are specific and powerful tools to help this process along, but the essentials of what you need are displayed in these four simple points.

As your competition heats up, your margins become increasingly vulnerable and your competitive technological edge begins to disappear, the importance of personalized service for each and every customer becomes imperative. Finally, thinking about these points is better than not thinking about them, but using them is the only way to survive and improve your business agility.

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