Data, Customer Experience and Today’s Company

Data is the pedestal on which superior customer service is built on, especially in these times more than ever. Business entities need to start viewing their customer base as individuals and not as a collection of people. Each individual has likes, preferences and patterns that can be analyzed and used to offer services and products tailored to each individual’s need. Data analytics is the surest way to do this.

Data-driven customer experience holds the key to the future success of businesses especially in this cut-throat competitive economy. The importance of putting data at the center of customer service is all encompassing. It impacts on revenue, cost, processes and quality. Also, customers now interact with businesses across various channels and businesses have to deliver consistent personalized services across these different channels to different people and they have to do this smartly. Data has to be adequately gathered across all channels, on-field and off-field to better serve the customer and grow the business.

Customer preferences and reservations can be gotten when everyone works together. Salespeople, the guy at the front-desk, the research guys and so on. When everyone works together and communicates findings, a picture of the customer begins to form. These picture needs to be shared with the guys at the back-end building stuffs and the products and services must be aligned to the findings. Processes have to be in place to make all these seamless. A perfect picture of the customer may not be gotten but enough can be gathered that will positively impact the customer experience. The process must never end. It has to be an ongoing process… always.

A serious 21st century business needs to start taking data analytics very seriously. The benefits far outweigh the costs. Knowing everything about your customers will serve no purpose unless the bits and pieces are properly analyzed and integrated with the right technology, then a pattern emerges that can be further used and manipulated to offer greater specified services tailored to each person’s need. Everybody wins.

Data is important and so are the people who work with them and manage the systems. Their ability to properly interpret the info and integrate at the back-end for optimum results and better processes is key. The process should be built in such a way that executives can access relevant customer related info and in a simplified format and make decisions that elevates CX.

When all is said and done, the benefits of a data-driven customer experience are numerous and outweigh the costs. Targeting and re-targeting of potential and previous customers, offering consistent experience for customers across multiple channels of interaction, ability to predict customer behavior and prep for it, focusing on the touch-points that yield the best results and coordinating around these. The list goes on.

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