E-Catalog – The Most Cost-Effective Online Publication Tool For Your Business, Products Or Services

e-Catalog or electronic catalog is a digital catalog for a company or products which can be viewed on a computer or electronic device. Simply put, e-Catalogs are electronic pages which can be used for launching a new product, Event or Show Campaigns, Business Presentations, Digital Portfolio, Interactive Digital Product Manuals etc. It’s a digital web page on which images will be shown with rich graphics and text. It can also become a Virtual Showroom of all your products and services.

Many Top Notch Corporates & Business establishment has shifted from paper print Ads to electronic advertising. There are so many advantages of having an e-Catalog rather than a printed catalog. e-Catalogue helps your products to create and enhance brand-name recognition with a synchronized and consistent marketing at a cost-effective manner. This mode of online publicity is becoming the best way of advertising very soon. So, be the first one to take it’s multifold advantages.

To minimize advertising cost, smart business organizations integrates value conversion ability on the advertisement & publicity while promoting a product so that they can check whether those cost incurred brings value income or not. This method is 100% achievable only at online product promotion. There are so many ways of online product promotion.Among them, e-Catalog is the best because it’s dynamically programmed & built to return the value. If it doesn’t return the desired values, you have the advantages to stop it at any time and choose other means of product promotion.

Uses of e-Catalog are:

1) Product Catalogs

2) New Product Launchpad

3) Event or Show Notification.

4) Virtual Showroom

5) Online Store

6) Interactive Product Manuals

7) Company Profile

8) Online Portfolio

9) Company or Product or Service Presentation

10) Dynamic Online Advertisements.

The Biggest advantages are:

1) Powerful presentation of your product with eye catching rich text & graphics.

2) One can easily edit, modify or update at anytime with zero costs unlike real paper catalog which needs to be re-printed with additional costs.

3) You do not need to print millions of paper catalogs by spending huge amount of money to reach the entire global audience. For e-Catalogs, one page per product is enough for the millions of internet users.

4) Buyers have instant communication facility with the dynamic form in an e-Catalog.

5) Wider Reference and broader audience (the entire internet users of the world).

6) Accurate Value Conversion of your advertisement expenses.

7) No Need to be presented by a human sales representative who ask for commission or salary.

8) Even when you are sleeping, it’ll be selling your products by itself.

9) It can also be used to create a printed catalog using standard printing methods.

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