Good Customer Service Can Save Your Business

Faced with the economy of today, implementing good customer service can make or break your business. With so many businesses falling by the wayside, you know you need to do all you can, to keep the customers coming through the door and the telephone ringing. Everyone seems to be struggling. You know you can only compete so much on price. So where else do you look for that advantage or edge? Three words: Good Customer Service.

Taking care of your customers can cure a lot of ills. It helps retain loyal customers. You don't need to be reminded how much easier it is to make sales to an existing customers, than to be continually looking for new ones. No type of advertising is a cheap or more effective than word of mouth. As good as that is the reverse side of that coin is worse. It is the kiss of death to have the rantings of an unhappy customer spreading through your potential customer base.

So, the question is how do you get one type of customer (satisfied) and not the other (ranting)? It all depends on how you interact with them. No matter what you do, whatever you occupation, you need to interact with people, even if it is just to take the order and then ask for payment. Yo make one type of customer or the other every time you speak or write to them. Even long time customers can be made into a ranting one with mistreatment.

The best way to keep your customers happy is to treat them like a friend. Seem pleased to talk to them. They should be the most important people you speak to all day. So, I they are like your friends, you want to make sure you do all you can to make sure they are taken care of.

Make sure you understand what they want. Ask them … then LISTEN. Once you know what they want, you can focus your efforts on making it or something close to it happen. If you are unable to meet the needs and wants exactly, see if you can offer something else instead of an emphatic no.

Think how you would threat a friend. You would not like telling your friend no. You would try, if you can, find a way to accommodate them. You become creative and inventive trying to find a way to say yes. If you can't say yes you work at "plotting another solution". Some customers are so upset and unhappy, you'll never satisfy them. Know when to cut them loose. But, only do that after you have done all you would for them if they were your best friend.

You will not succeed all of the time, but you can succeed making your customer think you care 100% of the time. With good customer service you give them every reason to do business with you again and tell all of THEIR friends how well they were treated by you. That's good business in any economy.

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