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Why it Critical to Stop the Daylight Saving Time Practice

The daylight saving time (DST) is a practice where people adjust their clocks to match with the sun rising and setting. The daylight saving time history dates back over 100 years ago, where the practice aimed to conserve energy. The system seek to help people adjust to changes in sunrise in certain months. Many areas are thinking about stopping the daylight saving time practice. The petitioners to end the daylight saving time argues that the practice does not serve any positive purpose. Below are reasons why it is critical to stop the daylight saving time practice.

The plan to conserve energy use through daylight saving time is no longer working thus the need to get rid of the system. It is difficult nowadays to use the systems to make people reduce energy consumption. People have appliances that will use energy irrespective of the time. It does not make sense to keep using the daylight saving time yet it is evident it does not serve its intention. Hence why these individuals are pushing the end daylight saving time petition. The plan is to persuade more people of the need to abandon this practice, as it no longer serves its purpose of saving energy.

People in areas using daylight saving time are complaining that the system exposes them to various health risks. The adjusting of the time will affect the sleep patterns of the people. The residents of the areas say they have difficulties with both sleeping and waking up when using the daylight saving time. Such as periods where they have to start the days earlier than usual. Therefore, you will have a difficult time carrying out various activities, and you are more prone to cause accidents. Making it vital to get rid of the daylight saving. It is critical that you have an adequate sleep to lead a more natural and healthy life.

The daylight saving time also affects the trade and travel negatively. Many people will schedule the trip several months before. Due to the daylight saving time you may struggle with the travel plan. Thus, it makes it difficult to make schedules for businesses and to travel.

One of the ideas behind the implementation of the daylight saving time was to encourage the growth of the area. People were to take advantage of the day’s light to carry out various productive activities. Many people argue that daylight saving time have more drawbacks than benefits. The system reduces people efficiency when performing various tasks. Hence, it is vital for more people to join the end daylight saving petition.

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