How to Choose the Right Service Control Engine For My Business

The service control-engine sits in the middle of a network. The function of the service control engine is to analyze the traffic on the network and the bandwidth being used by each service and application. The service-control engine monitors and control bandwidth requirements.

If you examine a network, you have clients network that are accessing applications on your systems. You have external links that are connecting your system to the internet. Therefore, there may be data transfers or application requests coming over the internet also. On your network application, requests can be coming from a number of clients using various devices.

Personal computer, workstations, and cell phones could be requesting services and access to applications. External branch offices and traveling executives may be using the internet to access applications. Now the role of a service control-engine is to manage the bandwidth usage per application. The service control engine assigns the bandwidth for an application. It also blocks any unauthorized traffic.

So when making a business solution, you can better manage your network traffic by using a service control engine. The sizing of the service control engine will have to be done basing on the traffic an application is using. Like in a banking system, more ATM traffic bandwidth will be required. However, a limit that has to be placed on traffic to each application.

You can time out a service if the bandwidth usage is exceeding. Nevertheless, you can only do all this after doing a business service sizing. You need to draw up a chart of the bandwidth available and monitoring bandwidth usage by each application. Peak hour traffic, weekend traffic, and other such factors must be checked. After this then you can do sizing of the required service-control engine.

The vendors of service-control engines can help you do a system sizing and can suggest the correct service control engine that will meet your requirements. You will also need to do a forecasting. If there are any future applications that will be rolled out, more users will add taking additional bandwidth.

Then you will have to consider these factors before deciding on the service-control engine that you need. If you think, you have done the sizing and know the service control engine that will suit you, add a safety margin and contingency. Don't get stuck by ordering the wrong equipment or equipment that will not cater to your future demands. Service-control engines are specialized equipment and their sizing selection is based on hits to an application and available bandwidth.

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