How to Get More Clients For a Small Local Business

Many small local businesses today want to bring clients from their website. Some rare on local online directories to get exposure for their brick and mortar business.

For years, small local businesses would rely on the Yellow Pages to bring them all the clients they needed. Nowadays, most people use a search engine such as Google to find local services.

An online presence is very important, not only for serving your current client base, but also to get more prospects. Your clients may have lost your phone number or do not remember your office hours.

Now, if you already have a website, congratulations. Well, hopefully it brings in a fresh batch of new clients every week. But more often than not, your website is not getting a lot of visitors.


Because it has to appear on the first page of the search engine results for local queries. If you provide a carpet cleaning service in your city, but when you type "carpet cleaning in (city name)" in Google and your website does not come up in the top ten results … You are invisible!

It's like having a big billboard in the middle of the Amazon. Not many people will see it.

Your website has to be optimized for the search engine. Often called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. The Search Engines look for certain things in on your website to get a good ranking.

For example, they look at the title of your website. Does yours say "Welcome to my website"? That is not really optimized for a small local business. "Carpet cleaning in (city name)" is more appropriate.

Every day I see many small local businesses websites with ads for other local services and ads for unrelated products. Why do you want to send your website visitors somewhere else? You website should be all about your products or services … Let other small local businesses do their own marketing.

You should always make sure that anyone build your website knows about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and knows how to promote it in local directories like Google Local for maximum visibility. Let your website be all about you and let it bring you all the clients you need.

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