How to Get Your Offline Business Online!

Let's say that you've got a small to medium offline business. Maybe you own a franchise. Maybe you have a service business – lawn care, transportation services, shopping services, dog walking, dentist … you name it. And, your business is doing well in the "sticks and bricks" world.

If you don't already have one, at some point you're going to want a website. And once you get one, you're probably going to look at it a few months down the road and think … I spent all that money for that? Does that sound familiar?

Millions of offline businesses have websites that are nothing more than glorified business cards, if that. Actually, a business card would be better, because when you hand someone your business card, you're there with them – you can make your elevator pitch.

Most websites of most businesses are not profit centers. They're just something that offline entrepreneurs feel like they need. Most websites of most businesses are virtually non-functional. They don't capture email addresses so you can market to those people. They don't have any information to sell or even give away. They're not tied into a well thought out product funnel, which leads the visitor from a free or even very low priced information product to expensive back end products.

In other words, most offline businesses have no idea at all how to use the Internet to create money!

If this is you, then continue reading, because I'm going to give you a few tips that might sound counter-intuitive, but which can skyrocket your Internet presence, turn your website into a cash cow, and also help launch your offline business in directions you never even thought about.

  1. Think information. If you sell auto parts for vintage Fords, I can pretty much guarantee you that most of your website traffic is not yet interested in buying anything. They are, however, interested in information! Provide them with information and you've turned a visitor into a potential buyer later on.
  2. Speaking of information! Give plenty of it away! Again, the Internet is an information powered medium. 90% of people Google for information, not for products. Provide plenty of good, solid information about your field and your visitors will self-convert into sales prospects.
  3. Send people information on more than one occasion. To do this, you'll have to build an email list and use an autoresponder, but those are skills that anyone can master. Most people have to encounter a product seven to ten times before they buy! You can accomplish that in seven to ten days with a well-written email sequence.

Did you notice a trend in my three tips! Yes! INFORMATION! That's one of the big keys!

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