How To Make Extra Money Every Month In Your Small Business

Would not it be nice if you could have extra money coming into your business or your household?

You could use it for extra cash flow, for employee bonuses – or you can just take it home for yourself.

The great news is that there are some opportunities in your business right now – that if you tap into them, you could be making an extra $ 3000 a month in your business.

Here are some areas in your business that you can leverage, and turn them into additional profit sources for you and your business.

1. Package your expertise.

In the course of your work you give very valuable advice to your clients. Why not put this advice in a report and sell it to your customers for a small price? E-books and reports are simple to put together (or you can outsource it) and easy to distribute.

2. Turn your service into a product.

Many of us provide services for our customers. Yet the system that we use to provide the outstanding service can be packaged and sold to our customers.

It could be an excel spread sheet you design for managing construction costs. Or a school curriculum for teachers. Or even a "how to" manual on how to start a business etc. If you can make people's life easier with a great system, they will pay for it.

3. Sell a part of your system – that you normally give away for free.

If you provide a service for customers in stages, you can charge for each stage. Instead of a free estimate you can charge for it. You can charge for a design. You can charge for an initial consultation. You can charge for an evaluation. If there is enough value there you can make more money off of it.

4. Sell your products online with an Ecommerce store.

If you have not started selling online. you are missing out on a great opportunity – and a whole lot more customers. The best part about selling online is that you can sell on a national scale and find more people who are desperate for your products. Also you can automate the process into a turn-key and passive stream of income.

5. Sell your products online to your competitors.

You may get great discounts from manufacturers because of your relationship with them. Well, why not sell your products online to other people in your industry? They will want to buy from you to get better deals than they are getting right now. This is also a great way to get rid of excess inventory.

6. Rentals.

Your assets are probably not used 24/7, which you could be making money leasing them out to someone else. You could lease your trucks, your space – even your employees. The idea is to maximize the full value you can get from all your assets – instead of collecting dust in a warehouse.

If you just try a few of these ideas – you will be bringing in some needed extra money for your and small business needs.

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