How To Market Your Service Business

Marketing a service business can be tough. Many times people don't think of the service you are offering until they are in need. Without a retail storefront selling products you have less of a chance for repeat clients, walk-ins, or upselling other items. So how do you market your service business?

1. Client follow-up.
Many service businesses run out of time to handle client follow-up or they simply avoid it because they don't want to run the risk of a call-back. Keeping your clients happy and letting them know you take your work seriously gives you their goodwill. If a client has a problem and never hears from you, letting them stew is worse than handling the problem. On most calls you will never hear of problems, only praise! As a bonus your clients will tell their friends not only about the great job you did but that you called the next week to make sure everything was still going well!

2 Referrals.
Don't be afraid to ask for referrals. At the end of the job ask your satisfied clients if they know anyone who needs your services. Leave business cards and brochures with them. Ask if you can leave a lawn sign in their yard for a week – anything to keep your name out there! Ask your clients for their e-mail addresses and send them newsletters with new information on your field and always ask them to forward it on to someone that may need your services. A person in need always asks their friends and family for referrals before settling on a service technician.

3. Participation in "face to face" organizations.

Networking is a promotional technique in marketing a service business, and participating in organizations the best way to network. Join your local chamber of commerce or other service clubs and go to the meetings and events! Just having your name in the program is not enough. Meet and greet people in your community. The more you participate in local organizations the more your circle of influence grows!

4. Cut the yellow pages.
How does cutting ads fit into a marketing article? Well you are probably throwing away tons of your marketing budget on your large yellow page ad. A mention with your name and telephone number is probably enough. Your large ad is simply competing with your competitions large ad and maybe even coming up short! Yellow page ads are costly and becoming less useful as other advertising means have become available.

5. Website and Local Pages on the Internet
Another important tool in marketing your service business is a web site. For less than the price of an advertisement in the yellow pages you can have a full color ad available 24 hours a day with your products. It is available to your potential clients at any time and can be easily changed day to day! Along with the website list your business on local pages of large search engines like Google and Yahoo. They are free and help your internet savvy clients find you! and

6. Donate your time!
Take your services to the local church, schools, daycares and events. Donate your services to fix things at a discounted price or for free in exchange for mentions and advertising in their newsletters and other materials. Always get a written referral for the ad so it does not look like you just bought ad space.

Make some small changes to your service business marketing and you will see some large rewards!

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