IT Support Services for Small Business

Many small businesses today have computer networks and therefore need IT support services. There are numerous IT support companies that offer exceptional services for small and mid-sized organizations. Outsourcing IT support provides you with peace of mind in addition to other benefits such as cost efficiency and time savings.

This article discusses the various services offered by these firms and the benefits that accrue from hiring a competent provider.

Fixed Cost

This is one of the most important, often overlooked, benefits. Outsourcing your IT support brings in some predictability in cost management. Rather than pay for services every time something breaks, you pay a fixed monthly fee to the provider. This way, you know how much the service costs and there are no nasty surprises.

Network Scalability

Since most firms charge a fixed monthly fee based on the number of devices, the monthly fee grows or shrinks in a predictable and predetermined manner. Thus, you can scale your expenditure up or down depending on business performance and / or the economy.

Server Issues

Server downtime can lead to severe losses due to a slowdown or complete halt in workflow and productivity. When you outsource IT support, you receive a server uptime guarantee as well as a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Your server will be secured against internal and external threats and its performance monitored continuously to ensure you do not suffer from any downtime.

Software Installation and Updates

Software updates is a critical activity for any business. Failure to upgrade will lead to obsolescence and expose the business to security risks. The pace of technological advancement is quite fast and unless you are regularly in touch with gurus in the software industry you are unlikely to know the best software to use for a particular activity. However, an IT support company would have these answers at their fingertips and you would benefit from this knowledge.

Disaster Recovery

When most people think of disaster recovery, the picture that comes to mind is that of earthquakes, floods or some other natural calamity. However, disaster recovery can also refer to human carelessness that leads to data loss. A competent IT support firm will be able to set up adequate data back up systems as well as advice you on timely management of your data backup systems.

Network Security

Security is a major issue of concern to small businesses. Unauthorized access or hacks can seriously interfere with your network and lead to loss of client data. Many small businesses treat security as an "add -on" instead of weaving it into the fabric of the business. A competent provider will make you come to this realization and implement a solution.


Finally, specialists at IT support company's help you plan your infrastructure and show you how to manage it efficiently. You benefit greatly from their experience dealing with numerous customers.

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