It’s My Job As a Mother to Watch out for My Daughter

I told my my child two years ago that I would not allow her to hang out for hours on end on social media. However, the Internet has won because social media is everything to kids today. I use a Snapchat Hack that I downloaded to my daughter’s personal cell phone so that I can monitor her and make sure that my little girl has fun while also staying safe when she’s on that really popular app. I do still monitor how long she stays on, and I give her limits because there’s no reason for her to stay on for hours just because her friends do it.

Back when I was her age, talking to my friends on the phone was a big deal because the Internet wasn’t a thing yet. My parents made sure to put limits on how much time I could spend on the phone and at what times. When I got home from school, I had to do chores first. After that that was done, I had to start on my homework. Only after I had both of those things done fully did I get permission to to call my friends. I was allowed to use the phone for 30 minutes a day and that’s it.

It became obvious to me that I was not going to keep my daughter off of social media altogether. The online world is too big of a part of all young person’s lives now. It is how many of them socialize, and keeping them away means that a child falls behind socially. This can spell trouble for them in school and at home. My daughter is okay with the limits that I have set for her. Just as my parents required me to do my chores and homework before I could jump on the phone, I make sure that my daughter completes those two very important things each day as well. It is only after she is done that I allow her to use use the Internet so that she can chat to her friends.