Language Translation Services for Global Business

The world is getting smaller, and there is an increasing demand for language translation services. We often take for granted that English is becoming the common tongue of international business, and lose sight of the fact that it is not spoken everywhere.

English is the second most spoken language in the world, behind Mandarin Chinese. However, most Mandarin speakers are native speakers. This is not the case with English. Of the world's estimated 700,000,000 English speakers, less than half are native. Among non native speakers, their may feel that their skills are not strong enough for them to confidently conduct business in English. The challenge of international business is to get to these people.

If you are interested in getting translation services, which markets are most important?

The Growing Market of China

The Chinese market will have a major impact on the business world of the future. Although many Chinese study English, and there is a growing need for English in Chinese society, it is still a part of the world where most people do business in Mandarin.

China actually has several different languages ​​which are referred to as "Chinese." These are dialects that are so different, they are mutually unintelligible. Mandarin is the tongue of the capital and the industrial north.

Mandarin is not only important for the Chinese, but for all of Asia. Mandarin has become common among business people in the developing economies of Southeast Asia, where many different languages ​​are spoken.

Indonesian is also important and widely spoken in Southeast Asia. Indonesia is one of the most populous countries of Asia, and it is also spoken in Malaysia. Being able to speak Japanese is also beneficial. Japan still has the strongest economy in the region, although Japanese it is not spoken beyond the island country.

Europe – A Multi-Lingual Region

In Europe, more than anywhere else in the world, English dominates the business world. However, French, German, Italian and Spanish are also useful. If you have your documents translated into these languages, you greatly increase your chances of getting business from Europeans.

Luckily, virtually every foreign language translation service in the world offers translation into French, German, Italian and Spanish. For companies that charge differently by language, these will often be the least expensive because they are closest to English and use the same alphabet. Language translation services do not have to be specialized to translate for the European market.

Doing Business in the Middle East

The Middle East is also an important region for international business, and the need to reach people in gulf coast countries is always increasing. The important tongue here is Arabic, which is not an easy one to handle. As demand for Arabic texts grows, more translation companies include it in their offerings.

The Burgeoning Economies of The Americas

Many South and Central American countries are becoming client bases for products, as well as manufacturing centers. Countries such as Brazil, Peru, Chile and Argentina are seeing a boom in tourism, as well as the countries we usually associate with white sand beaches and vacations, like Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama. Spanish is important throughout the region, but
Portuguese is also important. It is only spoken in Brazil, but Brazil is one of the biggest countries on earth, and the biggest economy in South America.

When you are looking for language translation services, try to find someone who meets all of your needs. This means that your best bet is a company that can is widely multi-lingual.

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