Managing a Field Service Business

What is a Field Service Business?

A field service business is a company providing services that are performed on the customer site.

AC repair, plumbing, carpet cleaning, pest control, landscaping, maid services and home security dealerships are all examples of field service companies.

These companies typically use this business model (flow):

Sell ​​=> Service => Charge

Sell : The sale starts by generating a lead from Internet marketing, advertising in printed media, flyers, sales reps, or any other means and ends by contracting with the customer.

Service : A field-worker goes to the customer site to perform the service.

Charge : The price of the service is collected typically from the customer, but sometimes from a third party like an insurance company.

The rest of this article explains what managing a field service business involves.

Saving Customers Information

Field service companies often perform more than one service for the same customer. And customers expect you to remember the information they provided last time they did business with you. Asking for the same information over and over again makes you look unorganized and causes the customer to loose confidence.

Also you can use your customers database to generate new and repeat sales. The information you know about the customer will help you determine what other services he / she might be interested in. Plus, if you are a good business, these old customers already trust you and love your services. So selling to them is much easier than finding and building trust with new customers.

Your customers database will typically contain very sensitive information, such as payment accounts and social security numbers. Controlling access to your records is important. Your workers should be able to access the information they need, but ONLY the information they need. Not all information need to be available to everyone at the company. Implementing this access control is almost impossible without the use of software.

Scheduling Services

In most field service companies, service scheduling is done by the secretary while he / she is with the customer on the phone. So it needs to be done fast. Typically the secretary needs to see the field-worker / technician schedules side-by-side to find an available time slot that works for the customer.

Another thing that is closely related to scheduling is notifying field-workers / technicians about jobs assigned to them. This can be done manually or automatically by the software used for scheduling.

Inventory Management

What is special about inventory management for field service companies is that inventory is not only stored in warehouses, but it is also carried by field-workers in their trucks. It is inefficient for field-workers to do an inventory pick up before each job, so they usually pick up enough inventory to last them for several days / weeks. This inventory carried by field-workers is a significant business asset that needs to be tracked to control theft and waste.

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