Network Infrastructure Services That Every Small Business Needs

The health of a company’s network infrastructure defines its health as a business. With so much riding on the capability of its IT system, a business can ill afford to have a system that hampers productivity, keeps hardware maintenance costs needlessly high, and leaves the system vulnerable to attack. Theses concerns are especially poignant for small businesses that lack the capital and resilient customer base to easily recover from a network infrastructure disaster. With this in mind, below are four network infrastructure services that small businesses should implement.

Disaster Recovery

Some businesses think that only large companies need disaster recovery plans, but that isn’t the case. No matter how meager a company’s staff, hardware resources, and proprietary data are, it needs a plan for migrating the data onto new hardware, and moving to a fully staffed, alternate business location in the wake of a disaster. Otherwise, its chances of fully recovering from the event are slim. A provider of disaster recovery planning will help your business implement a complete strategy for surviving a disaster that destroys the IT system.

System Security

System security is one IT area in which companies should not cut corners. Similar to being unprepared for a disaster, being unprepared for a network attack can put a company’s IT system out of commission long enough to cause major problems. If your company doesn’t staff trained professionals who regularly update system the security measures, it should delegate security to a provider of network infrastructure services before an internal or external attack compromises the system.

Server Virtualization

Server virtualization reduces hardware expenditures by locating one or more virtual servers on a physical server. In addition to lessening the need to purchase hardware, server virtualization also reduces the cost of hardware maintenance, and allows you to remotely access virtualized servers. In addition, it simplifies data recovery in the event of a physical server failure. Server virtualization offers several solutions in one, all of which help a company save money or improve productivity.


The state of its network infrastructure is predictive of a company’s financial security. When a small business has no disaster recovery plan, less than optimal network protection, and hardware configurations that drive up maintenance cost, it should consider implementing cost saving IT solutions that are available from a provider of network infrastructure services. For more information on how your company can reduce infotech costs and improve the security of the IT system through outsourcing, contact a provider of online IT solutions today.

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