Offsite Backup Services – Why Businesses Need to Invest in Them

Today, most businesses use computers for running various applications and realize the importance of an offsite backup service for storing their data. If a business does not have adequate data protection, it can become another unfortunate piece of statistic.

Offsite Backup Services are secure, very cost effective, and one of the most convenient ways to automatically back up your data offsite every night or any pre-selected time. As all the files are transmitted and stored at two state-of-the-art mirrored data centers using 128-bit AES Encryption and SSL technology, it is extremely secure from any unwanted or unauthorized access.

All data is reliably protected offsite from fire, flood, theft or sabotage, in addition to common technical disasters such as hard drive crashes, viruses, data corruption, hackers and even accidental deletion of files. Offsite Backup Services are easily more cost effective and reliable backup solution than manually backing up your data to tape, Zip, Jazz, CDRW, DVD or external drives.

The software setup is very simple and it is very easy to use. It comes loaded with advanced features designed to save you time and money, such as: Easy System Restore, Remote File Access, 10-File Versioning and Extended Archiving.

Once the initial backup has been done, automatic nightly backups first compress the files and then securely transfer only new files and block-level changes, for fast, efficient backups with minimal bandwidth usage and transfer time. With one click, you can also run backups on-demand any time, on Windows exit, or on network connection (great for laptops) backups.

Users can retrieve files via the desktop agent or through a secure online connection using the Remote File Access feature. Easy System Restore provides a full system backup to protect the operating system, program files and registry settings.

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