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A serviced office center is usually located in the main business districts of any city. These serviced offices, or executive suites, have traditionally concentrated on providing a convenient, flexible and furnished office space for rent on short time frames. Reception services, equipment such as multi-function printers, telephone and high speed ADSL cable installations, copiers and fax machines have been included in the monthly fees. This has allowed new businesses to contain their initial start-up costs and permit them to use their early capital in income-producing activities such as to purchasing stock, developing advertising campaigns or creating new products and services.


Today a business center which offers a furnished office space to small companies is in a position to offer more than the traditional services. Websites have almost replaced brochures and web addresses have replaced business cards. Because a serviced office is usually managing quite a number of tenant businesses at once, it can create economies of scale by offering website help. Bringing in IT specialists and web support professionals to provide services to a number of its tenants, each will benefit from competitive pricing because of the total volume. Additional benefits for tenants would be the sharing and learning from each others website development experiences.

Modern business has taken itself from the simplified model of serving local consumers and has gone global, courtesy of internet convenience. Even a start-up company can position itself to service the international marketplace. In order to do this effectively, a company needs a well-designed and effective website to sell to a national or global client base. It takes time and focus by management working with web help specialists to ensure a website correctly represents their company and is effective enough to silently sell the company's products and services, in the absence of face to face contact.

By providing website help to its tenants a business center can position itself as a leader – anticipating the needs of growing businesses instead of working to a past model. This point of difference would not be lost on their clients, especially the youngger ones who thoroughly understand the power of internet marketing.

By providing tenants with web consulting services as well as the typical reception and equipment services provided by all other executive suites, the management of these facilities will stay ahead of clients' needs and most likely retain their tenants longer. Convenience and time saving are highly desirable benefits in today's competitive business world.


Given that each individual client will have their own specific website needs, the management of the business center will need to differentiate between the levels of website help professionals to what it connects. The better the quality of website professional, the more each individual company can benefit. Having a higher overall volume will most likely attract the higher quality web specialists.

Tenant company requirements may range from a minimal informational 5-page static website that simply describes the company and what they do, to possibly a multi-page interactive website with a forum, video, audio, a mailing list, a shopping cart and a regular blog. The needs for search engine optimization are often overlooked in website design and this requires a specialization which is often outside the realm of the website designer. A hands-on serviced office operator will become aware of this over time and be able to guide the tenant companies wisely through developing relationships with reliable technical people.

In fact, given time and experience the business center operators may even be able to train their reception staff to offer the more simple website services themselves.


Obviously, running a serviced office is more complex than ever as our modern business world becomes more highly technical and changes occur at an ever-increasing rate.

By a serviced office creating an environment where the time consuming aspects of daily business are taken care of by the staff, the single entrepreneurs or small companies can focus on what they know best – growing their business. When this happens, a serviced office is living up to its name.

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