She Locked Herself out of the Car

When my mom locked herself out of her car, I knew that she would insist on staying with it until we could gain entry. It was not in the best area of town, so I could understand her hesitancy in leaving her car. However, I believe that a car can be replaced or repaired, whereas she cannot if something were to happen to her. Because of this, my husband and I went to sit with her while we waited for the locksmith to come and help. We had looked up 24hr locksmith Brisbane on our computer because we had no idea who to call for this kind of help since it was so late at night.

I was not sure we were even going to find anyone who could help us, but I was wrong. My husband was able to find a company that has really good reviews within a minute of his search. The company he contacted said they could send someone out within the hour, which is why he and I went to sit with my mom. We did not want her to have to wait that hour alone, especially if the locksmith got delayed in getting there.

He was not late at all. In fact, he was early by nearly 15 minutes, which really made all of us feel good about the decision to use his company. IT did not take him long to get into my mom’s car, and he even gave some suggestions on how to avoid that in the future. He was able to make a key for my husband and I to carry so we would have access to my mom’s car should she ever lock herself out again. For some reason, I don’t think she will after having had to go through this experience!