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When it comes to establishing your catering business in your local market and promoting it on an ongoing basis business cards are a great way to get the word out about your services. In this article we look at why business cards are so important for a catering company and what you should take into account when you get your cards designed.

Why Business Cards are so Important for your Catering Business

The great thing about business cards is that they allow you to get your message across in a subtle, casual and friendly way.

They are an excellent marketing tool that serves several purposes. Firstly they allow you to make a good impression when introduced to a new prospect by showing that you are professional and offering basic details about what you do. Secondly, they act as a kind of mobile advertisement that is out there to remind the recipient about your services and contact details if they may need them and to possibly be passed on to others.

Try to get as many cards out there as possible, within reason. Get into the habit of handing one out to everyone that you meet, include one with each of your outgoing letters if appropriate and try to get one into the hands of each of the guests at the events that you cater to, provided that you can do it in a way that doesn't bother your client.

Design Considerations

Think about the information that you want to display on the card. At a bear minimum you should have your name, job title or position (CEO if you are the owner), full contact details and website address or email address. You should also make sure that your logo is displayed prominently in the top left or right corner along with your company name and that you have at least a brief description of the catering services that you offer listed on the card.

The key to a winning design is to have a card that includes all the necessary information that you want to convey without the card looking to cluttered. A professional designer will put some concepts together for you and suggest color schemes within the limitations of your logo. Depending on the image that you want to project and the market that you are appealing to you may want to go with conservative colors or go with louder colors that will allow your card to make more of an impact on people when they receive it.

Ask your designer about printing on both sides of your business cards. If you have a lot of information that you want to present, such as menu samples consider going onto the back side of the card as well.

Other nice touches for a business card are a personal photo or some kind of coupon or special offer. The reverse side could be made into a kind of VIP card that offers the holder a discount on your catering services for their next event.

Whether you are starting out in the catering business or looking to improve your existing operation take some time to consider the importance of business cards to your marketing efforts.

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