Three Important Things To Consider When Purchasing A Pond Fountain

A pond by itself is a natural oasis that adds visual appeal to any exterior area, but the addition of a fountain will add an even higher level of beauty and may also serve to increase the overall stability and health of the water. There are a vast array of fountain types available, and each one will provide a different visual effect and offer specific benefits. The following is a look at three important things to consider when purchasing a new fountain, which will ensure a healthy pond that is visually stunning.

Spray Pattern and Power Source

Fountains are usually powered by a standard outlet, though some models may include a solar panel power system which will ensure a steady stream of electricity without the installation of power lines. Also, the type of fountain will also dictate the type of spray pattern that is present during operation. Most pond companies will provide a variety of pictures and help a pond owner choose a system that will meet their needs and any preferences they may have.

Light Kits

A fountain makes a pond breathtaking, but a light kit will allow it to be enjoyed at any time, day or night. Most light kits mount to the base of the fountain spout and shine up into the stream of water, illuminating it as it rises into the air and falls back into the pond. As with the fountain pump itself, light kits are typically powered by a standard source of electricity or may come with a solar power kit.

Installation Requirements

It is essential to determine the degree of difficulty that is associated with the installation of a fountain. The easiest to install are floatng fountains, as they are secured to the bottom of the pond via a slackline and float on the top of the water. The slackline should provide an adequate amount of length so that the fountain spout will remain on the surface should the water level of the pond fluctuate.

The right fountain will allow a pond to be enjoyed 24/7 and may also serve to reduce maintenance requirements associated with keeping the water healthy. The team at Living Water Aeration offers the most advanced fountain equipment available. Check out their site to start browsing the models available and take the first step in upgrading any pond without delay.