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What to Do When You’re Tap Water Turns Brown

Majority of people all over the world use tapped water. We change and grow, that means at some point in your life you might be using tapped water. Hence, it is good to know some of the causes of brown water. It is only when you know the cause of a problem that you can fix it. Being in the know is good. Chances are that the brown water from your tap is unhealthy for drinking. The brown water might also be very unkind to your skin and it is therefore advisable not to use it to bathe.

If your water is brown, there are several things that could have happened. If there is a construction going on in the neighborhood, there is a chance it could be the reason. In that case, the water is safe for us. It is advisable to call the water department though, just to be sure that the cause of dirt is only what you think. These water departments will tell you if you are to expect something unpleasant from your water source.

If the source of water is new, then that could be the cause. Test it, especially if the water even has a different taste. If the water turns out to be unsafe, look for a better option because lead poisoning can be fatal. Water is life, and therefore it should be really safe.

Brown water is also caused by minerals such as iron and manganese. Testing the water is the only way we are going to be sure that the minerals are the ones that caused the water to be brown. If the minerals happen to be the cause, then the water is safe. The minerals are actually nutritious. High amount of minerals such as magnesium and calcium however causes the water to become hard. Hard water will make the use of that water a nightmare. To fix this problem, you will need water softener. It will save you lots of resources.

Another cause is rust. Rust contaminates your water when it finds its way into your water. They also make the pipes lifespan shorter. Rusty pipes are a beginning of a bigger expense if not taken care of. when this happens to you, just replace your pipes with copper. The best way however, is to use something that will fix most of your problems. Water softener makes sure that you get the most life out of your pipes and water. In conclusion brown water is bad but it can be fixed.