Whats the Best Email Service for Business?

The best email service for business should be paid solutions, in my opinion. Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo, just to mention a few, are free email service providers available today on the internet for use. If you are thinking of using these free solutions, then you should reconsider. These solutions will definitely work for the small businesses, or companies that have up to ten employees.

These free solutions are not intended for large organizations. Large organizations should consider having their own services in-house.

Even though Gmail is a free email service provider, it is considered by industry professionals as the premier free service on the Internet. Popular search engine Google owns Gmail, and as a result it can be considered one of the more robust free email systems available today.

People searching for free email services are attracted to Gmail because of it almost unlimited storage space. Gmail can also be considered a provider that keeps up with the changing times, by incorporating popular social media awareness into their product.

Any company that uses free solutions to service their email business requirements will definitely be at the mercy of these free providers that are hosting their email services. They will definitely be at a disadvantage, in relation to security.

One of the many disadvantages of using these free companies to provide email services is that your deleted emails can never be recovered. Paid solutions offer many redundancies, like backup and restore of deleted items.

Why would any serious company trust an important part of their business like email to free solutions? In my opinion, it is because they are not informed of the many options that are currently available to their companies, in relation to email.

To setup a solid mail infrastructure for business, many hours of planning should be done before making a decision on what platform to use. If no Information Technology professionals are available in-house, then the company should seek assistance from trained consultants, depending on what funds are available to invest. Information Technology Consultants can be very expensive.

The best solution for any company for their email service would be to install an email Server using their very own infrastructure. One popular solution developed by a reputable company would be to use software called Exchange Server.

Exchange Server is a product developed with the business owner in mind. It does not matter whether a company has ten employees, ten thousand employees. This solution will work for both size organizations. The only problems that may be experiences may be the lack of trained industry professionals to support the product in-house.

Support of the product would not be considered a problem for most companies. The majority of large businesses would have an Information Technology teams in-house, to assist with critical issues that may arise.

Email is such a critical and integral part of any business. Free service would work for a company that cannot afford an expensive network for their emails. Complete ownership of your email service is really the best way to go.

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