Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting Services to a Professional Accounting Firm

The extent of your business financial transparency and the level of expertise of the people responsible for such transparency will influence the growth and expansion of your business as well as its survival. This is why accounting and bookkeeping are some of the most crucial aspects of any business and should only be taken care of by licensed professionals with wealth of experience.

Regardless of the size of your business and niche, as it grows, the need for keeping accurate and transparent financial records also grows with it. This is a good reason why such aspect of your business must never be treated with levity. Considering the relationship between in-house accountants and other employees under the same roof, outsourcing your accounting functions is often the most appropriate option in ensuring financial transparency in every facet of your business.

But what exactly is outsourcing? It is the practice of giving out some job functions or responsibilities to a company or an individual that specializes in providing services for such functions or responsibilities, rather than have an in-house employee or department handle such jobs.

Here are the key benefits of outsourcing your accounting functions to a professional accounting firm:

Gives you enough time to focus on business growth

Outsourcing your accounting functions will give you all the time you need to direct your attention on other crucial aspects of your business. Once your accounting responsibilities are outsourced, you can focus on delivering high-quality services or products to your customers and prospects.

Also, you can develop strategies to break into new markets and expand on existing market etc. focusing on these core business competencies and less on the burdens of accounting accuracy and transparency will translate into business growth and profitability that will outweigh the costs of outsourcing.

Your payments will always be on time

Once you outsource your accounting functions you no longer have to worry about missing payments such as unpaid bills or invoices not going out on time. If your invoices are delayed, payments get delayed too and your business cash flow ultimately suffers.

Also, if your bills are not paid when they are due, you will receive collection calls, vendors will limit or stop their discounts, and you may even spend more time trying to resolve shut-off notices, unhappy vendors and grumbling collectors. But with a professional accounting firm handling your accounting, you can seat back, relax and watch your entire business accounting functions run smoothly.

You don’t have to bother about turnover or absence

With your accounting functions outsourced, your business accounting will be done every day, every week and every month and you wouldn’t have to bother about things like vacation, illness or turnover. The company you outsourced your functions to will be working for you round the clock ensuring professionalism in every facet of your job without excuses such as vacations, illness, absences, etc.

Maintaining your cash flow during growth

The survival of almost any business is tied to its cash flow. Once a business begins to grow, it gradually sucks cash. During periods of major growth, accounting functions are often relegated to the bottom of administrative responsibilities list. During such moment, you may not have the time to review your business report, manage collections and invoices, and your bookkeeping may end up in a very bad shape.

At such periods you will easily notice that while your business is thriving, you have no cash in the bank to show for it. Digging yourself out of such hole may require twice of the effort it took to get into it and you can easily lose sight of your business core competence while trying to dig yourself out.

Save money

Outsourcing saves money! When you outsource your accounting functions you don’t have to bother about things like health insurance, vacation, sick time, payroll taxes, retirement benefits etc. The company you outsource your accounting functions to will bill you for its professional services and workers time depending on the agreement you signed.

The money you should have spent on an in-house accountant can be re-invested into other crucial areas of your business. Also, in the long run, you get to save a whole lot of money by outsourcing your accounting services.

Your business accounting will be done by top-notch professionals

Accounting companies that perform outsourcing services are often made up of top class accounting professionals with several years of experience and education to survive without being hired by just one client. They have skills, experience and expertise to deliver with speed and accuracy.

You don’t have to bother about the level of competence of their workers or if they have the required experience to do your job as expected. Once you outsource your accounting services, be assured that your business accounting functions are in good hands. Also, you don’t have to go through the rigor of screening accountants, conducting tests, interviews etc. before hiring. You can skip all that once you outsource your accounting functions.

You’re still in charge

It is easy to assume that once you outsource your business accounting functions you will lose control of your money. That is a pure fallacy. Outsourcing gives you greater power to control your money and puts you in the driver’s seat of your business financial matters. Every payment will require your approval before it is done. You will be involved in every relevant communication chain with your clients and prospects and your accounting reports will be consistent and up to date.

Without a strong bookkeeping and accounting services, it will be difficult for any business to thrive and compete in its niche. Outsourcing your accounting services will give your business the edge it requires to be at the forefront of financial transparency, recording and absolute accuracy in all its transactions and accounting related matters.

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Small Business Voice Mail Services

The voice mail system was developed by Bob Cohn and Peter Olson in 1982. Voice mail system is a centralized answering machine which stores, records and plays back the voice message from users both inside and outside a company. Voice mail systems support shared message storage, fax delivery, teleconference, voice to text transcription, retrieval via printers and more. The two basic operations of a voice mail system are telephone answering and voice messaging. It is not possible to attend every phone call coming to an office during busy hours. In such a situation getting a small business voice mail service would be the best choice.

Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is ideal for small businesses. These telephone systems are integrated with VoIP technology and provide excellent voicemail features. VoIP services are used to receive calls directly through the internet or from a VoIP PBX. Each staff can be provided with a unique voice mail box. If any call remains unattended, the caller will be automatically forwarded to the voice mail. With voice mail services, users can be notified of new messages, and they can simultaneously pick up or leave messages from anywhere via email, computer or phone. In addition to this, you can forward or delete the received message.

Nowadays, every small business looks forward to benefit from voice mail services. Advanced voice mail service providers offer automated attendant facility with directory service access to make calls to various departments in your office. Small business voice mail service is a complete and full function telephone service with no heavy investment required for setup. Considering their functioning, voice mail services can help to give your small business a professional image, make ordering service easier, enhance customer relations, and improve productivity. Therefore an efficient voicemail system is an excellent option to consider, when launching small businesses.

Nowadays, all major telephone operators are providing voice mail services to customers at affordable costs. Voice mail services allow small business firms to maintain that customer friendly image. Voice mail services figure among the most powerful types of telephone services available today. By skillfully making use of this advanced technology, small and medium business can grow at a much faster rate, creating a great impression on their customers and associates.

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Business Banking – Who Gives You Better Service? Bank Or Credit Union?

Massachusetts business owners do not have the luxury to exchange banks whenever they are unhappy with the services they receive. Changing banks is far too complex, as companies generally have multiple accounts and services at their bank in MA. To switch financial institutions would mean a lot of work and can cause even more confusion with business partners, employees, customers, etc.

The latest banking trend in Massachusetts shows that more and more new small businesses opt for a credit union in Massachusetts instead of a traditional bank. Here are some of the reasons why.

• Lower fees – Banking fees will be substantially lower because when you sign up for an account at a credit union, you automatically become one of the owners.
• Higher interest rates – They are typically smaller than a bank in MA. Therefore, they have less management and administration costs to deal with. This leaves more money to redistribute among their customers / owners.
• Better working relationship with business owners – Credit unions pride themselves in having excellent personal relationships with business members. They are not just lenders; they are financial partners. They will not let you, the investor, wait for weeks, but will respond to all business loan requests within 72 hours. Which bank in MA can promise that?
• Your voice counts – As a member of a credit union in MA, you will have a chance to express your opinion. You have decision-making power and can participate in the election of a Board of Directors. If you want to get involved, you can, which is rather impossible if you have all your accounts and loans at a conventional bank in MA.

Whether you do your financial transactions at a bank or credit union, as a responsible business owner, always select the institution that will offer you the best banking solutions.

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How a Virtual Business Can Help You Increase Customer Loyalty

Never in history have customers been more fickle and demanding than in today's economy. Businesses that do not provide outstanding customer service will be long gone. In this new virtual business environment, customer service is your main competitive advantage. Therefore, business success lies more than ever, on retaining your customers. Take advantage of the virtual business strategy to catapult your business profits!

Technology, especially customer service technology, has evolved by leaps and bounds. Customers are no longer chained to their local store to get outstanding customer service. They are now empowered to take their business wherever they can get the best service. Now that they are freed of distance constrains, thanks to technology, they are free to buy anywhere in the planet … your competition is no longer the shop across the street; but the one in Asia, South America or anywhere on earth where there is outstanding customer service.

Keeping customers is not only smart business practice but a very valuable one as well. This is clearly measured by the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Most business owners only see the value of a customer based on the first sale, but do not take into consideration the future purchases of this customer. So let's see an example:

Mary gets her slacks cleaned at the cleaners for $ 8. Most business owners will see this as the only revenue. Fortunately, Mary comes back the following week and gets her dresses and some blouses cleaned for a total of $ 20. Now, you did not have to spend any money on marketing, advertising or sales to bring Mary back, she simply liked your service and the way you cleaned her clothes. So in reality, you made $ 28 from Mary. Therefore the true value of Mary is all the cleaning she has done PLUS all the future cleaning she will get done if you work hard enough to retain her loyalty … follow me so far?

In order to get the lifetime value of your average customers, simply multiply the average sales you made by the average number the customer came back to your business. Here is the simple formula:
Estimated Average Lifetime Value = Average Sale x Estimated Number of Times Customers Bought Again

So now that you know the CLV of your customers, the next question is … are your customers profitable? After all, you are in business to make a profit. In order to find out if your customers are profitable, simply multiply your average profit per sale by the estimated number of times your customers buy again. Here is the simple CLP formula.

Estimated Average Lifetime Profit = Average Profit per Sale x Estimated Number of Times Customers Bought Again

Knowing these numbers will help you decide how a virtual business can increase your customer's lifetime value and therefore your business profits.

In a virtual business model, you can implement the different customer service technologies readily available to reduce cost ( and therefore increase short-term profit ). A virtual business model also allows you to implement a multi-channel customer communications system to increase customer loyalty (and therefore increase long-term profit) .

A virtual business customer service set up:

Is mostly free or of very little cost
It is web ready
You do not need to know programming to implement it
You can have it up and running in minutes
You can have employees or virtual agents anywhere in the world

Now, let's see how these points affect the CLP formula we discussed above. Customer Lifetime Profit or CLP is all about knowing the profit your customers bring. This means, if you lower your costs, your virtual business profits will be higher. Therefore by having a web based customer service infrastructure in your virtual business, your employees can work out of their homes. This lowers your costs because you no longer have to provide office space, utilities, desks, supplies, etc. If your business and industry allows it, you can even hire virtual reps for your virtual business … this means no payroll taxes or employee benefits. Since most of the applications are free or low cost, this means your out of pocket set-up investment costs are truly minute.

A virtual business multi-channel communication system is composed of:

Voip Phone
Virtual PBX
Online Fax
Online Support Desk
Customer Relationship Management System
Web Forms

…. and sometimes the old snail mail

How do these multi-channel strategies and applications help you with your customer loyalty? Again, going back to the Customer Lifetime Value or CLV discussed before, the more your customers buy from you, the higher your CLV. With an online multi-channel, 24/7 support system, they can reach you in whichever way suits them best, creating massive customer loyalty. Loyalty means your customers will keep coming back for more, which in return means higher CLV.

Keeping customers has never been this difficult. As you can see, setting up your customer service system as a virtual business will decrease your costs, therefore increasing your profits (CLP). It will also keep your customers buying from you over and over again therefore increasing your customer value (CLV). Remember, customer loyalty will make you a lot more money in the long run!

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Customer Centricity: Begin With Customer Service

One of the basic tenets of Customer Centricity is service. Why? Service is taking action to take care of someone else. More importantly, it is taking action to create value for someone else (Ron Kaufman). It is how one adds value to others and in the process, gains more of himself. In most cases (though not on purpose), people feel good about providing others a service, as doing so naturally entails a positive feeling within themselves. In essence, service is a spirit of altruism. It is not just a procedure to follow, but a mindset of purposeful engagement and proactive communication that leads to a productive behaviour.

Let us define Customer Service.

Wikipedia defines Customer Service as the act of taking care of the customers’ needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high quality service, and assistance before, during, and after his/her requirements are met. One of my favorite Customer Service (CX) gurus, Michael Falcon, defines it as “an action within an entire customer experience; and to achieve an excellent experience, every touchpoint from beginning to end must be exceptional.” Take note that this definition of Customer Service gives rise to its particular ingredient, “touchpoint,” which means, every point of contact with a customer (face to face, phone calls, emails, ticket logs, etc).

On the other hand, Turban (2002), defines Customer Service as “a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction — that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer’s expectation.”

Apparently in these concepts given by the experts, common factors in Customer Service surface: action/delivery, care, and meeting customers’ needs. In addition, there is frequent usage of superlatives such as exceptional, excellent, highest quality, and the like.

In a nutshell, Customer Service is any action on all customer touchpoints, where we deliver our knowledge and abilities to customers to meet their needs and expectation in an excellent way. It is a cornerstone to a customer experience (CX) strategy. It is a balance of commendable acts between delivering service (which includes best practices and agent experience) and satisfying customers at a cost. It is about how an organization delivers its products or services in the most humanly satisfying manner, as pleasurable as possible.

What kind of service is needed then? Answer: we need superior service be delivered at any touchpoint, for “Good is no longer good enough.” To quote Ron Kaufman once more, “What was good enough for yesterday, isn’t good enough for today. What’s good enough for today, won’t be good enough for tomorrow.” This is so because of the fast-changing business world. It is very important to keep climbing the ladder of service level to keep up with the competitive environment. Being close to your customers and really anticipating their needs as even their wants and needs also change quickly. “The business world is always unpredictable,” as they say it. This gives us more reason to get even closer and know our customers even better.

With standards ever rising, how then do we give great or superior service? As mentioned, there should surely be a balance of sterling performances between the product (technical or otherwise) and experience (relationship aspect of our customer interactions). On top of this, we must make our customers a priority. One critical component of Customer Centricity is a customer-focused mindset (or for some people, “customer-first mindset”). Focus on them as people and not an issue to create a satisfying human experience. Superior/excellent customer service may not only result to Customer Satisfaction alone but more so, Customer Loyalty — the ultimate reward of Customer Centricity. Without a question, top-notch service creates loyalty and a returning customer, which is all our aim in business.

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Conscious Customer Service Increases Your Business Agility and Profits

Conscious Customer Service Sells, period!

In the current turbulent and uncertain business environment we face, a major part of your business agility and future success rests upon the quality of service you offer. If you understand the Laws of Attraction then you also understand that you ultimately get what you pay for. In short, the higher quality service you offer, the more likely you will attract more of the kind of customers you desire.

If you are part of a service/customer care department or call-center and are looking to:

  • Increase your sales without increasing your marketing and sales costs
  • Save precious time, resources and money on each customer call or visit
  • Solve customer complaints, at their source, in a way the customer accepts while improving your products and business practices
  • Master transforming plain customers into loyal ones who advocate you and your business to others

Then fully understanding and harnessing the power, efficiency and humanity of effective customer service is essential.

Service, the art of seeing, hearing and understanding

Did you know that the number one reason convicts give for choosing a life of crime is that they did not feel seen, heard or understood as children? If parents are that sloppy and or unconscious in the treatment of their beloved offspring can you just imagine how many of us are perceived as blind, deaf and uncaring by our customers? Perception is the Key as you may THINK you were providing good service only to find out from your boss or via a viral Tweet or Facebook post that the opposite was true. To use an uncomfortable metaphor, “Your light may have been on, but was anybody really home“?

Service versus Performance

When all your senses and facilities are fully focused upon the person you wish to serve, then you are consciously serving them. Yet when you are distracted by that little voice in your head telling you what you “should” say, find yourself thinking about what the service manual demands on page 32, or just thinking about lunch, then you are performing for yourself. What if your customer can sense that?

Can’t you?

Acknowledging this brutal truth is the first step towards pure, attractive and profitable service. How to get there requires special tools, a strong will and lots of practice. Then, the more you choose to master this path of service, the better at it you will become. Continue your journey and observe how many more customers will be attracted to do business with you and your organization. Below are just a few tips to get you started on your own path.

Tips for attractive and profitable service and increased business agility:

  • Be curious and ask lots of questions

    Service people are only human and when we are doubted or attacked we usually become defensive. Yet will starting a debate with a dissatisfied customer accomplish anything more than further pissing them off? Instead, let them ventilate. Listen closely, drill down with more questions and, before you even attempt to solve the problem, make sure they feel seen, heard and understood.

  • Distinguish what is being said from what you are hearing

    There are always two sides to every conversation. Remember, “If you are a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail“. If you go into a call or meeting on the defensive, you will be listening for anything other than ways to be attacked? If instead, you go in curiously, with an intention to listen, serve and solve, watch your chances for success and renewed customer loyalty drastically increase.

  • Become more conscious of your own and other’s body language

    Learn to tune in to all the information you and your listeners are broadcasting, consciously or not. Then use this valuable information to create more confidence, trust and stronger relationships. As a Bonus, watch as you will also become increasingly aware of those trying to use their body and its language to deceive or manipulate. Then, learn to marvel at the ultimate suicidal futility of trying to do so.

  • Uncover “What’s missing” by both asking for and sensing it

    Just solving the problem is a good start, yet with just a few thought-provoking questions, you invite your customer to dig deeper and uncover the source of their problem. If you want to build customer loyalty with every call or meeting you have consciously and continuously develop each relationship. There is no better way to do this than by asking some insightful, and reflective questions, then listen with all your senses to the complete answer.

By practicing and developing each of these seemingly simple suggestions you will not only improve your level of service, it will attract more business. If you are looking to turn your service department from a cost center into an agile profit center, then these steps are essential to integrate into your organization. Of course, there are specific and powerful tools to help this process along, but the essentials of what you need are displayed in these four simple points.

As your competition heats up, your margins become increasingly vulnerable and your competitive technological edge begins to disappear, the importance of personalized service for each and every customer becomes imperative. Finally, thinking about these points is better than not thinking about them, but using them is the only way to survive and improve your business agility.

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Start a Service Business With Government Grants

There are many kinds of grants available for service business start-ups, for the government distributes a big sum of money. If you're willing to do the work to find grant funding, it could mean thousands of dollars to help you start your service business– Daycare Center.

Step 1

You can contact your county's Department of Children and Family Services. They can tell you if there are any local or state grants available. Get child care start-up grant monies from the federal government.

Step 2

Consider hiring a grant resource company to help you secure government grant money. Most online resources charge a monthly fee to help you locate the best matched grants for your day care business.

Step 3

Fill out all applications and write any essays or other information needed to send with your grant. Take the time to double check your work and make sure you include all the information requested.

Step 4

Remember the number of individuals applying for grants is much larger than the number of grants available. Make your applications stand out by including anything you can to help your cause.

Step 5

Look for food grants from the state or federal government. Find grants for toys, regulation beds and learning materials. It may be easier to get money to start up a daycare business if you focus on certain aspects of the start-up.

Step 6

Use any grant money the government gives you in the manner it was intended. Keep good accounting records, and document expenses related to all money for future tax returns.

Step 7

Contact the government organization after the grant application deadline to keep up to date on the selection process. It doesn't hurt to let them know you're committed and persistent.

Step 8

Remember there are other grant options besides government funded money. Look into grants from local civic organizations such as Lions Clubs, United Way, Kiwanis, Jaycees and more.

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IT Support Services for Small Business

Many small businesses today have computer networks and therefore need IT support services. There are numerous IT support companies that offer exceptional services for small and mid-sized organizations. Outsourcing IT support provides you with peace of mind in addition to other benefits such as cost efficiency and time savings.

This article discusses the various services offered by these firms and the benefits that accrue from hiring a competent provider.

Fixed Cost

This is one of the most important, often overlooked, benefits. Outsourcing your IT support brings in some predictability in cost management. Rather than pay for services every time something breaks, you pay a fixed monthly fee to the provider. This way, you know how much the service costs and there are no nasty surprises.

Network Scalability

Since most firms charge a fixed monthly fee based on the number of devices, the monthly fee grows or shrinks in a predictable and predetermined manner. Thus, you can scale your expenditure up or down depending on business performance and / or the economy.

Server Issues

Server downtime can lead to severe losses due to a slowdown or complete halt in workflow and productivity. When you outsource IT support, you receive a server uptime guarantee as well as a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Your server will be secured against internal and external threats and its performance monitored continuously to ensure you do not suffer from any downtime.

Software Installation and Updates

Software updates is a critical activity for any business. Failure to upgrade will lead to obsolescence and expose the business to security risks. The pace of technological advancement is quite fast and unless you are regularly in touch with gurus in the software industry you are unlikely to know the best software to use for a particular activity. However, an IT support company would have these answers at their fingertips and you would benefit from this knowledge.

Disaster Recovery

When most people think of disaster recovery, the picture that comes to mind is that of earthquakes, floods or some other natural calamity. However, disaster recovery can also refer to human carelessness that leads to data loss. A competent IT support firm will be able to set up adequate data back up systems as well as advice you on timely management of your data backup systems.

Network Security

Security is a major issue of concern to small businesses. Unauthorized access or hacks can seriously interfere with your network and lead to loss of client data. Many small businesses treat security as an "add -on" instead of weaving it into the fabric of the business. A competent provider will make you come to this realization and implement a solution.


Finally, specialists at IT support company's help you plan your infrastructure and show you how to manage it efficiently. You benefit greatly from their experience dealing with numerous customers.

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How to Organize a Small Business Start Up

A small business start up marks the beginning of the business which is categorized in small business. A small business can be corporation, partnership or a proprietor owned with a small amount of manpower and funding. In America, a small business start up comprises of less than 100 employees, whereas in UK it has less than 50 workers. In countries like Australia, a small business start up begins with 1-19 employees. A small business start up is identified by its small investment, small turnover and profit and less manpower.

The smallest business start up can begin at home which are termed by the World Bank as Micro-businesses. They usually have manpower of less than 10 employees. Higher versions of small businesses can be general stores, lawyer practice, clinics, private agents, restaurants, free-lance writers and small-scale manufacturing industries.

Advantage of a small business is that it requires less investment. The working hours of such a venture is also less and requires smaller work area. They have a closer relationship with their customers and clients. They are highly independent and flexible to the changing market. Disadvantage of such a small business start up is the high risk of bankruptcy. In absence of strong financial back-up, the business may go into heavy losses, resulting in legal action against the proprietor in case of loan taken.

A small business start up should follow the below mentioned methods for grater success:

Formulating a business plan:

For any small business start up, a well defined plan is a must. The final objective of the business should be precise and clear. The requirements should be formulated and the money to be invested should be prudently calculated. Almost equal amount of money invested should be available for back up in case of heavy losses incurred. The amount of man power required and their required qualification and skills should be decided.

Implementation of the Plan:

The business plans made initially should be implemented and all objectives set should be achieved. Financially, loans should be taken if self financing is not possible. Most of the banks provide loans for businesses. It is easier to obtain loans for partnership ventures. After the principle amount is obtained, the hiring of man power is done. This is followed by purchasing of all commodities needed for the business to start. The small business start up can now function fully.

Getting customers and Marketing:

Getting the right customers is the key to success for all small business start ups. Doing a small research on the market trends and customer needs helps in changing the business strategy for higher profits. Marketing the product of business to the target customers is optional, depending on the type of product. Marketing for a small business start up can be restricted to pamphlets, news papers, and small hoardings.

Expansion of business:

Upon attainment of the set objectives, the small business can increase its investments, manpower and productivity. This can be achieved if the small businesses start up earned considerable profit. This can expand the boundaries of the business and reach to a larger group of customers to increase the profit margin.

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Offsite Backup Services – Why Businesses Need to Invest in Them

Today, most businesses use computers for running various applications and realize the importance of an offsite backup service for storing their data. If a business does not have adequate data protection, it can become another unfortunate piece of statistic.

Offsite Backup Services are secure, very cost effective, and one of the most convenient ways to automatically back up your data offsite every night or any pre-selected time. As all the files are transmitted and stored at two state-of-the-art mirrored data centers using 128-bit AES Encryption and SSL technology, it is extremely secure from any unwanted or unauthorized access.

All data is reliably protected offsite from fire, flood, theft or sabotage, in addition to common technical disasters such as hard drive crashes, viruses, data corruption, hackers and even accidental deletion of files. Offsite Backup Services are easily more cost effective and reliable backup solution than manually backing up your data to tape, Zip, Jazz, CDRW, DVD or external drives.

The software setup is very simple and it is very easy to use. It comes loaded with advanced features designed to save you time and money, such as: Easy System Restore, Remote File Access, 10-File Versioning and Extended Archiving.

Once the initial backup has been done, automatic nightly backups first compress the files and then securely transfer only new files and block-level changes, for fast, efficient backups with minimal bandwidth usage and transfer time. With one click, you can also run backups on-demand any time, on Windows exit, or on network connection (great for laptops) backups.

Users can retrieve files via the desktop agent or through a secure online connection using the Remote File Access feature. Easy System Restore provides a full system backup to protect the operating system, program files and registry settings.

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