SEO Services For Small Businesses

The demand for good SEO services is thriving as many business owners are starting to realize the need for products or services that could be used to reach target customer via the Web. Online business marketing has become a growing trend among many companies today.

SEO services provide clients with search optimization packages. But before this materialises, clients must first meet with an SEO consultant where business owners are presented with a case study. This determines the nature of the business, gives an assessment on the competitors' websites, and identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the business. After the initial profile, the SEO firm can move on to the next step, which is to create effective strategy and planning services according to the websites needs and wants. Having an SEO case study is an important initial step that SEO consultant services should provide their clients in order for business owners to get a clear grasp of the SEO world.

An SEO expert should give his client a background on the different processes involved in SEO services. Among these, a good explanation of what the different components do to make an online business marketing work-this fully makes the business owner get a good respect of how search engine rankings are very important for websites today. Companies should also know how SEO keywords work and should hire an SEO services company that is keen on keywords research.

Business owners should also keep an open mind on the different social media packages to optimize their online business marketing plans. Aside from hiring an SEO services company that can present them with a competent development and content management system, business owners should also take into consideration an SEO expert's knowledge and experience when it comes to SEO link building and web copywriting services.

One more important thing to remember is SEO packages that are explained well will also give clients a thorough knowledge of the kind of SEO services they are getting. Fully knowing the provisions and limitations of the SEO packages that they are paying for will result in both parties knowing what to expect and what needs further work.

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SEO Services to Promote Your Business

Innovations in technology have made lives of many people easier and more convenient. However not every advancement in technology is easy to understand or implement for everyone and so is the case with SEO services. Many people think that they know about a lot of things however when it comes to SEO services it seems that their knowledge is limited. There are a number of things that people have to consider if they are running an online business and one of the most important things is to learn about SEO services.

Honestly not everyone should learn about SEO especially if you are a simple internet user and you do not run any online business or company or website. There are a lot of important points that one should know regarding SEO like remembering and memorizing of difficult and technical terms. So for a normal internet user it is important to know the basic concept and services of SEO.

The services of SEO are very critical in online marketing. Before learning a bit about SEO you need to know that SEO is not complicated at all. The basic knowledge about SEO is easy to understand however learning really about this technique of online marketing will take a long time as many of SEO specialists are continuously learning about this technique. However, one thing a person can do is to keep him updated with the changes in the internet marketing. SEO services have its foundations with technology and with improvements in technology changes in SEO also come. As more search engines become smarter and complicated, the services of SEO become more of an art rather than a science. The techniques used few years back for SEO would not work today because of the changes in technology, search engine techniques etc.

If you need to learn the basic concept of SEO techniques then it would be a good idea to learn the background and know a bit more about how it evolved and progressed with the passage of time. At the beginning, SEO was simply inputting keywords again and again. However, this technique was used almost five years ago and today it would not work.

There are different SEO services available today for your website. You need to use appropriately SEO techniques and its services to get the benefits out of these services. Article marketing is one of the most widely used SEO services today. In reality, this is one of the simple and basic services that are recommended by SEO analysts. This is the most famous services provided to the website owners to increase the traffic flow to their websites. People use different search engines to find information and if your website has these unique information or content along with specific keywords that are searched by people then you will definitely increase the traffic flow to your website.

Having just the unique content and information does not complete the job as you need to insert specific keyword. SEO services will help you in providing potential keywords that can be used for your articles. SEO experts have the right understanding and experience to use the right keywords for your website. They will ensure that the keywords used are applicable to the topic.

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How to Start a Discount Card Business

Things you will need:

Business cards, business cards, and more business cards! You can easily find 1,000 quality cards for under $25, and this is an essential tool when promoting your service to local businesses.

Your business name. Something catchy, something available, and something that will appeal to your community. Registering your business name is important, if only to ensure that you don’t set up all the work just to have someone steal the name out from under you.

Getting your business license should be put off. The first year you will not charge anything, assuming you build the business in preparation for a January launch, and as a result it will prove to be an unnecessary fee. But we’ll get into that a bit later.

HOWEVER, there is an amendment to the above suggestion. There are many reasons to join your local chamber of commerce, mostly related to meeting and networking with other local business owners. This will, however, require that you have your business license. Also, one or two businesses may not work with you without this. I’ve only had one person make a fuss. I went out and got my license the next day. But I still feel that this can be started without it, if you are short on money.

How the process works:

You find businesses that are willing to offer a year round discount to exclusive card holders. With some hard work, you should have no less than 70 businesses in time to print.

The point is, people will pay for the card for two reasons: That it benefits the community, via fundraisers, etc, and that it appeals to them in the way of offering some serious savings. Big businesses will often say no. Not always, but even offered free, some people will either believe you to be up to something, or they have been hassled by advertisers for so long that they are cold inside.

Do not get discouraged. Start focusing on small businesses. These people don’t have a lot of money for advertising. They are excited to find something that’s free. And once you have THEM, you have a legitimate image which paves the way to more businesses joining.

So, you’ll offer to add businesses for free for the first year. This gives you the numbers you need, and, let’s be honest, you really need them. But don’t worry. The sales of your cards will generate an impressive ROI, all of which will be used to continue the next year with the goal of charging businesses between $100 and $800 to participate.

You will need to design the booklets yourself, assuming that you are a bit short on cash. Photoshop should do nicely. If you stick to a basic color listing, including a logo, discount and contact info, you should be able to fit all your businesses within an 8 to 12 page booklet. If you do not have the technical know-how, you should be able to hire someone locally, and at a reasonable price.

Your plastic card should have your website, business name and expiration date printed on the card. It should be stylish, something that people won’t mind looking at 4 to 5 times a day. If you can number the cards this will cut down on a few issues later down the road, but realistically, it will prove to be more expensive, and will ultimately be unnecessary.

Also, have a spot for them to sign or print their name. You’ll find that business owners, whether it’s a deal breaker or not, will ask if the cards are numbered, or if there is any way of making sure that a membership card is not being passed around. A signature cuts down on this and gives business owners peace of mind.

But really, if you fail to offer a place for his/her name, just say “who cares if it’s passed around? Regardless of whether someone paid for the card or not, they came to YOU because of your ad and discount.”

Plastic cards will run you approx. $300 for 2,000.

Booklets will cost approx. $500 for 2,000.

Both of these can be purchased at a number of online stores. Do plenty of studying. You’d be surprised what feels like a good deal, until you’re kicking yourself for paying more than you had to.

And drum roll…. BUILD A WEBSITE!

This is so important. You need a website. People expect it. Without a website you might as well be operating out of the garage. And maybe you are, but there is no reason for people to know that. A website can be built in such a way that YOU appear to be a TEAM of fancy business people. This is important for both the customers and the businesses that you represent.

The website should be clean and SEO. It should offer listings of all your businesses. Chances are that your customers will not always have their booklet on them. Likewise, they will not always be on the internet. The website and booklet will work hand in hand.

Dixie Rewards is a business started by Dan Bringhurst. The Dixie Rewards Card was started following the guidelines written above, and the website, while only a part of our business, is an essential tool without which we would not be in business.

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The Very Absolute Need of SEO Services in Every Business

Ask a mid-sized business or question a massive conglomerate and they will unequivocally answer that SEO is vital for their brand. It is especially so for all digital properties. It has become a universal truth in the world of commerce and trade that be it Social Media Marketing or search engine optimisation, the demand is vital.

When SEO is implemented, it improves the visibility of a website and betters the searchability. This is the primary offering of SEO. But is that all? Do companies and firms know that there is much, much more to it? We offer clarity on the real value of search engine optimisation by explaining five reasons. Irrespective of the size of a trade, SEO can take a business to the next level. Here are the benefits you amass by optimisation a brand.

  • A trusted source in the eyes of Google

Facts state that any person who has access to the internet will go on Google at the least once per day. When the majority of internet users are on Google, it automatically means that a brand that is considered trustworthy by Google will see increased traffic on the website. This benefit is not just limited to Google but other search engines too.

Good quality search engine optimisations, top-notch website design, and organic searches turn a company into a trusted source by Google. The more your site is regarded as a trusted resource by the giant search engine, the more visible it becomes which leads to greater conversions rates.

  • Builds a foundation of credibility

The second reason why a trade should invest in SEO is the credibility it produces. When the trust and reliability of a brand are up, thanks to SEO, it grows more discoverable to users. How does a brand establish authority in any search engine? The apparent answer is on-page optimisation of content and elements. But there are a few more factors that accrue expertise:

  1. Positive user behaviour
  2. Machine-learning signals
  3. Quality backlink profiles

Becoming an established authority boosts the ranking of a business more than anything else. But influence cannot be created in one night. It is something that is earned slowly and steadily. Using digital optimisation, offering superior product and providing reliable service are three pillars to building customers trust in a brand and thus authority in a sector.

  • Create a greater user experience

Every business owner wants the most perceptibility of their website and the best organic ranking possible. What they fail to accept is that the two can be gained by improving the user experience. Google can now identify between good user engagement and lousy experience. Therefore, a positive website browsing experience is pivotal to success. If the user cannot find what they need, in the time they want, the performance of a site will suffer.

An ideal example of excellent user experience affecting the value of a brand is SERP. Search engine results pages are Google’s way of giving answers to a user’s questions directly on their page. A company that incorporates great SEO will have excellent user experience and thus more likely to be ranked high.

  • Better traffic and engagement through local SEO

The web world is dominated by mobile traffic. Searches have become more localised. A small to mid-volume company can leverage this to their success. By utilising local SEO practices that are targeted towards people and client near your business, firms can increase conversions rates. The goal is to focus in your town, city or region and raise awareness at that level.

To do so, the website content has to be optimised with local citation and backlinks. Listings that mark the business’ location and sector are critical, registering at Google My Business is vital and building social media marketing profiles essential to promotion. All these help people find your business efficiently and swiftly which takes you one step closer to profitability.

  • Understanding SEO makes business adaptable

The very reason a business survives and thrives is adaptability. A company that cannot change with time will not last for long. Today’s markets need to succeed in the real world and the virtual one. Understanding SEO and applying it helps you stay on top of challenges.

The reason being the World Wide Web is a continually altering environment. When a firm takes the pain of keeping up with SEO practices, they remain in the loop of any significant deviations that take place in this world. When you know the Web, you can employ strategies that keep the business ahead of the competition and thus profitable.

It is not costly; it is an investment!

The best things in the world come with a hefty price point. The good news with SEO is that it is exceptionally low-priced when compared to other marketing tactics. Furthermore, as is apparent from all the benefits explained above the return on investment is incredible. When done right, search engine optimisation can hold water for a long time. The more an industry invests in it, the better the results it gets.

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Web Hosting Services Can Help Your Business

Any professional business person should already know that by reducing the costs and expenses of a firm in a smart way will absolutely generate a greater flow of profit.

Having a business in the online world is at the moment the best possible way to reduce or even completely eliminate some of the costs that use to stay between the owner of a firm and the desired profit.

For many people who have not experienced the internet marketing or promoting an on-line business there is always a helping hand just around the corner.

In many cases, with features like 24/7 assistance the clients will only have to decide what kind of business they want to promote and the following steps will be completely, real-time assisted by specialized and highly experienced personnel.

Many hosting specialists will have the success of your business as their main goal because their best advertising will be the high quality work and high quality services that they have to offer.

The clients will not have to worry about anything else because once they have made their mind on what they would like their site to look like, the hardest part will already be over. Payment Gateways, Shopping Cart integration for E-Commerce are also easy tasks for any well prepared staff. Anyone will now be able to have a professionally designed web store in no time with the least of the low costs ever because the internet is now full of web hosting services. No need to worry about expensive domains or specialists with high knowledge about SEO (search engine optimization) because there are services that will take a site from zero to the most trusted site on search engines for some particular key words.

Once someone has made the choice to host a website the specialists can take care of it in order to make it to the top. If anyone will want a site to stand out in the crowd when the services or products that are offered are being searched in search engines these firms with complete web hosting services will make sure that the site will be in the first results that any serious, worldwide search engine will show.

No matter if the desired website is an informative or a commercial one the perfect and most affordable solutions for can always be found, making a website work at its full potential.

One simple, cheap website will completely change the way anyone thinks and does their business. It is worth the money for anyone, any type of business, anywhere.

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E-Catalog – The Most Cost-Effective Online Publication Tool For Your Business, Products Or Services

e-Catalog or electronic catalog is a digital catalog for a company or products which can be viewed on a computer or electronic device. Simply put, e-Catalogs are electronic pages which can be used for launching a new product, Event or Show Campaigns, Business Presentations, Digital Portfolio, Interactive Digital Product Manuals etc. It’s a digital web page on which images will be shown with rich graphics and text. It can also become a Virtual Showroom of all your products and services.

Many Top Notch Corporates & Business establishment has shifted from paper print Ads to electronic advertising. There are so many advantages of having an e-Catalog rather than a printed catalog. e-Catalogue helps your products to create and enhance brand-name recognition with a synchronized and consistent marketing at a cost-effective manner. This mode of online publicity is becoming the best way of advertising very soon. So, be the first one to take it’s multifold advantages.

To minimize advertising cost, smart business organizations integrates value conversion ability on the advertisement & publicity while promoting a product so that they can check whether those cost incurred brings value income or not. This method is 100% achievable only at online product promotion. There are so many ways of online product promotion.Among them, e-Catalog is the best because it’s dynamically programmed & built to return the value. If it doesn’t return the desired values, you have the advantages to stop it at any time and choose other means of product promotion.

Uses of e-Catalog are:

1) Product Catalogs

2) New Product Launchpad

3) Event or Show Notification.

4) Virtual Showroom

5) Online Store

6) Interactive Product Manuals

7) Company Profile

8) Online Portfolio

9) Company or Product or Service Presentation

10) Dynamic Online Advertisements.

The Biggest advantages are:

1) Powerful presentation of your product with eye catching rich text & graphics.

2) One can easily edit, modify or update at anytime with zero costs unlike real paper catalog which needs to be re-printed with additional costs.

3) You do not need to print millions of paper catalogs by spending huge amount of money to reach the entire global audience. For e-Catalogs, one page per product is enough for the millions of internet users.

4) Buyers have instant communication facility with the dynamic form in an e-Catalog.

5) Wider Reference and broader audience (the entire internet users of the world).

6) Accurate Value Conversion of your advertisement expenses.

7) No Need to be presented by a human sales representative who ask for commission or salary.

8) Even when you are sleeping, it’ll be selling your products by itself.

9) It can also be used to create a printed catalog using standard printing methods.

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Is your Online Business Customer-Friendly?

Customer service is increasingly seen as one of the most valuable uses for a commercial World Wide Web site. Your Web site is available on a 24 hour, seven days a week basis. So it is well worth exploring ways in which your customers can virtually “serve themselves,” without the need for overtime staff, or lengthy voice mail procedures.

James Feldman is President of JFA, Inc., an online business offering high quality and unique gift items including automatic watch winders, Grundig shortwave pocket radios, and nitroglycerine pill fobs. The JFA Web site has been online since 1997, and has doubled its income every year – it’s now a multi-million dollar e-commerce enterprise.

Jim, who’s also a professional speaker and expert on customer service, highlighted for me how the online buying experience differs from the bricks-and-mortar model.

Buying online eliminates the physical presence and personality of the salesperson from the process. This makes the Web site copy critical in creating a one-to-one relationship with the customer or prospect.

Which echoes one of my favorite mantras:

Every page of your site should be written from the visitor’s point of view, not yours.

A visitor should be able to look at your offerings, and immediately answer the questions:

“Why me?” – that is, is your Web site the right place for me?

“Why should I care?” – does this copy convince me that you can meet my needs?

It’s much easier and immediate to jump from Web site to Web site than to move between real-world stores. So the visitor has far more freedom of choice online. Jim says that the challenge for customer service is therefore very clearly to focus on one customer, one purchase at a time. E-customers expect great service, with little or no direct interaction. They will tolerate some mistakes, but not many.

Jim offers five rules for effective online customer service:

1. Be accessible. Show very clearly on your site all the ways that your customer can contact you – including e-mail, phone and fax numbers, and your office hours.

And, if it’s practical for your business, be personal – give your visitors a real person to call who has a name, as opposed to sales @

Of course, if you’re really upscale, you can include a “Call-me” button on your site.

2. Return every e-mail or phone call in the same day, as far as reasonably possible. This may sound simplistic, but a recent experiment with the top Fortune 100 companies showed that nearly a third failed to respond to e-mail sent through their Web site within one month! Some of these companies still don’t provide a usable e-mail address on their sites at all.

3. Acknowledge all orders. Send e-mail confirmations (this can be done very effectively with autoresponders), and if you’re shipping actual products, give tracking numbers and expected delivery dates.

4. Provide a clear return policy, honor it and learn from it. This may give you more information about what’s working and what’s not. Jim’s products are sometimes returned with no explanation, so his staff always call the customer to establish and resolve the problem.

5. Expect more phone calls. Jim says: “Customers can’t read or write!” If your Web site traffic and response rates grow (which is, of course, what we want), so will the volume of phone calls, whatever your business or industry.

Regardless of the site quality, clear returns and privacy policies, secure servers, etc., people still require human interaction. All of my clients report talking to customers on the phone, and walking them through the Web site, where their questions are clearly answered. Maybe these psychological barriers will lessen, but right now, they are very much there.

If you can get the customer service aspects of your business working well, there’ll be a definite bottom line impact. Jim is quite clear that his business has grown substantially through repeat business and referrals from satisfied customers.

And in contrast, we can see the impact of poor customer service and fulfillment procedures in many of the dot.coms that failed. Jim says that people buy things online in the expectation of getting something more valuable than the actual money they spend.

Does your Web site do this?

JFA Inc. can be found at

© 2002 Philippa Gamse. All rights reserved.

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What Is Small Business Administration In A Nutshell?

Small Business Administration is an organization funded by the American government which provides loans to entrepreneurs and businessmen to set up their small businesses. In addition to that the organization also provides some grants and training for the efficient running of business. Another important feature is that they provide legal and administrative help in establishing a business to entrepreneurs who are likely to get entangled in the web of laws and taxes if they do not have proper guidance along the way.

They conduct various training for different sets of audiences like entrepreneurs, women business ownership and international trade.

The most used and availed service however is one of obtaining loans and grants for doing business. Apart from giving loans out themselves, Small Business Administration will also stand as surety for people and help them get loans from elsewhere. In the case of natural disasters the organization also provides members with grants so that they can ‘get going’ again and are able to face troubled times.

Small Business Administration also helps businesses in contracting and it ranges from Business Development, HUB Zone and Government contracting to name a few.

The organization also helps businesses to deal with Advocacy and law related matters.

How do I get in touch with the Small Business Administration?

You can get in touch with them by visiting their website and calling up their number and speaking with an associate their. Apart from this the site has also got a local office locater which you can use to track down the office that is closest to you and then call them up, make an appointment and meet them in person.

I need helping in understanding business better?

While Small Business Administration takes care of loans and helps out people who have been turned down at other places for money, they also deal with a whole host of educational material and training programs. These training programs are aimed at people who want to learn more about the different functions of business.

What can I learn using SBA:

You will find resources that will help you to learn about the basics in starting up your business, such as understanding what are the various forms of ownership, checklists, understanding how franchise works and also knowledge about product basics.

Planning is an important aspect and you will be guided on things like writing a business plan, understanding what business you are in and the ways in which you are going to use this plan.

Financing is probably the most important part for without it the business will not take off. You will need to know where to look for capital, how to estimate costs and understand financial statements.

Small Business Administration also deals with education about marketing and the various forms of keeping your customers happy, conducting research and doing competitive analysis.

Employees will make or break your company and any help on finding the right people, what to pay them and what is needed to retain them is welcome.

Legal aspects like licenses and permits and business laws need the understanding of an expert and you would definitely seek some guidance in this area.

Taxes like State Tax, local tax , Sales and Use tax not only form a big part of your cost structure. If not handled carefully, it could get you on the wrong side of the law as well. It is therefore imperative to seek the utmost clarity here.

As is seen above when you are going to do your own business there is a host of things that you need to take care of and Small Business Administration can help you there, over and above getting the money for you to start off. What is important to keep in mind is that most entrepreneurs and business men are most of the times busy just scampering for funds that they lose track of most of the other things that happen and because of that, one thing or the other will go wrong and they will unfortunately have to repent later.

If you are managing a small business chances are that it’s a one man show and apart from planning and strategizing you have to do the running around after suppliers and authorities to get the necessary approvals etc. In such cases it is best to leverage on the experience of an organization like the Small Business Administration.

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How To Make Extra Money Every Month In Your Small Business

Would not it be nice if you could have extra money coming into your business or your household?

You could use it for extra cash flow, for employee bonuses – or you can just take it home for yourself.

The great news is that there are some opportunities in your business right now – that if you tap into them, you could be making an extra $ 3000 a month in your business.

Here are some areas in your business that you can leverage, and turn them into additional profit sources for you and your business.

1. Package your expertise.

In the course of your work you give very valuable advice to your clients. Why not put this advice in a report and sell it to your customers for a small price? E-books and reports are simple to put together (or you can outsource it) and easy to distribute.

2. Turn your service into a product.

Many of us provide services for our customers. Yet the system that we use to provide the outstanding service can be packaged and sold to our customers.

It could be an excel spread sheet you design for managing construction costs. Or a school curriculum for teachers. Or even a "how to" manual on how to start a business etc. If you can make people's life easier with a great system, they will pay for it.

3. Sell a part of your system – that you normally give away for free.

If you provide a service for customers in stages, you can charge for each stage. Instead of a free estimate you can charge for it. You can charge for a design. You can charge for an initial consultation. You can charge for an evaluation. If there is enough value there you can make more money off of it.

4. Sell your products online with an Ecommerce store.

If you have not started selling online. you are missing out on a great opportunity – and a whole lot more customers. The best part about selling online is that you can sell on a national scale and find more people who are desperate for your products. Also you can automate the process into a turn-key and passive stream of income.

5. Sell your products online to your competitors.

You may get great discounts from manufacturers because of your relationship with them. Well, why not sell your products online to other people in your industry? They will want to buy from you to get better deals than they are getting right now. This is also a great way to get rid of excess inventory.

6. Rentals.

Your assets are probably not used 24/7, which you could be making money leasing them out to someone else. You could lease your trucks, your space – even your employees. The idea is to maximize the full value you can get from all your assets – instead of collecting dust in a warehouse.

If you just try a few of these ideas – you will be bringing in some needed extra money for your and small business needs.

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Business Plan: A Simple Approach

What is it?

A simple business plan will describe the internal and external environment of a company. Its aim is to inform internal and external stakeholders, individuals or groups of individuals internal or external to the company. Usually it will include information about the strategic position of the business, plans for the future, the management, products and services offered and the financial position of the business. In a few words it will give a detailed description of the business.

A simple business plan structure:

Executive summary: A short description of the whole business plan. Many stakeholders may read this part only, because of the lack of time or because they may not require a deep understanding of the business. For example consumers will not care about the financials of the business but will only care about the products and services. Thus, its best to use rich information based on the stakeholder the report will be given to.

Business description ion: An overall description of the business's history, the basic market sectors the business is part of, and what the business main products or services are.

Competitor analysis: Describes who the main competitors of the business are and how they can affect the business' performance.

Market analysis: Describes targeted consumers based on their demographics, geographic location and psychographics.

Marketing plan: How targeted consumers can be reached based on their demographics, geographic location and psychographics.

Management summary: Introduces people who hold the key management positions and shows their responsibilities and their prior business experience.

Financial Analysis: Shows whether the business is profitable, whether current operations are profitable and the current value of the business by providing a Profit and Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet Account.

Why create a business plan?

Many stakeholders will require having a look at your business plan in order to initiate different actions that have to do with your business. For example, a bank will require checking the financial position of the business in order to assess whether a loan can be issued to the business. The bank needs to know if the business is able to survive in the future and then, receive all the loan payments. On the other hand, investors will need to consider whether the business will survive in the long run and then, provide a return on investment. The business plan can help investors determine whether the firm has a competitive advantage over competitors, whether its financials are healthy and whether the management is able to run the business successfully.

The Business plan should be created based on stakeholder preferences in order to make it easier for them to take fast decisions. If stakeholders find your business plan easy to read then the chances of receiving a positive reaction are increased. Imagine trying to find relevant information among a large pile of irrelevant information. The chances are that you will stop looking and reject the business. In Conclusion, the most important factor for a great business plan is to include rich information about the business that is related to the needs of the stakeholders.

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